Evacuees arriving from Afghanistan

UPDATED: The first flights to evacuate both Norwegian and Afghan citizens from Kabul have arrived in Oslo, but hundreds if not thousands more people fleeing the country are expected. Chaos after the withdrawal of NATO allies is complicating the evacuation process, while uncertainty prevails over how many Afghan refugees Norway will be willing to take […]

Norway ‘betraying’ Afghan colleagues

A former chief of the Norwegian Army who went on to become a UN special envoy in the Middle East is accusing Norwegian officials of turning their backs on their former employees in Afghanistan. Retired Lt General Robert Mood claims the Norwegian government has a responsibility for Afghans who helped Norwegians now being pulled out […]

UDI prepares for Afghan refugees

Norwegian immigration agency UDI is preparing for a new wave of asylum seekers from Afghanistan, after the US and NATO pulled out of the war-torn country. Many feel Norway, which took part in NATO’s unsuccessful efforts to stabilize Afghanistan over the past 20 years, has an obligation to take in Afghan refugees. The Islamic terrorist […]

Court clears the way for Mustafa to stay

Mustafa Hasan, who has spent most of his life in Norway, won a new chance on Thursday to finally be allowed to remain permanently. The Oslo County Court ruled against the state immigration commission UNE, claiming it had not properly evaluated Hasan’s longstanding ties to Norway, nor the demanding situation he’d face if he were to […]

Mustafa case lands in court

A teenager who’s spent most of his life in Norway was in court this week, fighting for the right to remain in the country where he’s grown up since the age of six. Immigration officials, meanwhile, are trying to deport him on the grounds his mother won asylum for her family 13 years ago on […]

Government halts expat deportations

The Norwegian government, under pressure from EU authorities and legal experts, is reversing controversial new rules that have restricted entry of people arriving from Great Britain and prevented thousands of expatriates who’ve been living and working in Norway from re-entering the country. The rules have caused distress and financial hardship for at least 2,100 citizens […]

Expat rejections hit 2,100

The number of foreign citizens who thought they had legal residence in Norway but recently have been turned away at the border has soared to 2,100 just in the past few weeks. They’re all victims of how the Norwegian government suddenly changed its legal definition of residence in connection with Corona-related border control issues. The […]

Expats turned away at Norway’s border

Residency rules for non-citizens in Norway have been tightened dramatically during the past few months of the Corona crisis, as a means of halting imported infection. That’s left some foreign citizens locked out upon return from abroad even though they have homes, jobs and family in Norway. The new Corona regulations have turned the legal […]

Syrian asylum seekers finally allowed in

Seven families with small children who fled war in Syria but have since been languishing in refugee camps in Greece were finally brought to Norway this week. They were quickly taken to the national asylum center in Råde, where their new lives in Norway will begin. Calls have gone out for years to help more […]

Commuters return despite third wave

A sudden sharp rise in Corona infection, not least among workers at some construction sites in Oslo, is prompting Norwegian health officials to brace for a third wave of the virus. The government nonetheless intends to open borders to those living in Sweden or Finland and needing to commute daily to jobs in Norway. After […]