Norway hesitates over Iran response

The Norwegian government is still mulling over a request from the US for a military “contribution” towards boosting security in the waters off Iran. It won’t be easy for Norway to say “no,” but skepticism is running high and resistance is likely in Parliament. Norway’s foreign and defense ministers recently confirmed the initial request from […]

Norwegian ship likely a conscious target

The Norwegian-controlled oil tanker that was attacked in the Gulf of Oman on Thursday could have been singled out as a target, according to a Norwegian foreign policy expert who concentrates on the Middle East. That’s because its operations are linked to several small nations including Norway that don’t pose military threats of their own. […]

Norwegian tanker burning in Gulf of Oman

Norway’s maritime authority (Sjøfartsdirektoratet) reported Thursday that the Norwegian-controlled tanker Front Altair was “attacked” early in the morning while sailing between the United Arab Emirates and Iran. The vessel is in the fleet of Norwegian shipping tycoon John Fredriksen’s firm Frontline Management, which denied earlier reports it had sunk. Frontline reported that all 23 crew […]

Norwegian Air jet still stuck in Iran

One of Norwegian Air’s brand new Boeing 737 aircraft remains grounded at Shiraz in Iran, after having to land in the country because of engine trouble after takeoff from Dubai in December. US President Donald Trump’s sanctions have prevented Boeing from sending parts needed to repair the jet. “Unfortunately this is taking more time than […]

Sandberg sat near alleged assassin

Former Norwegian government minister Per Sandberg shared front-row seats at an Iranian embassy event earlier this year with a Norwegian-Iranian who was ordered held in custody in Denmark on Thursday, charged with espionage and an attempted assassination. Sandberg, who was forced to resign his government posts after violating regulations regarding travel to Iran, remains unrepentant […]

Norway calls in Iran’s ambassador

UPDATED: As Nordic prime ministers presented a collective front in Oslo this week, Norwegian Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide summoned Iran’s ambassador in Oslo to her office on Thursday. She wanted to let him know just how seriously the Norwegian government is taking charges that Iranian intelligence was plotting to assassinate critics of Iran in […]

Norwegian-Iranian arrested for assassination plans in Denmark

A Norwegian citizen with ties to Iran is in police custody in Denmark, charged with planning to assassinate local Iranians in exile at the behest of Iranian authorities. The situation has set off a diplomatic crisis between Denmark and Iran. Danish Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen told reporters Tuesday that Danish authorities have reason to believe […]

PST: Sandberg’s phone likely hacked

Norway’s police intelligence unit PST (Politiets sikkerhetstjeneste) has determined that there’s a high probability that the government-issued mobile phone that former minister Per Sandberg took with him to both China and Iran was indeed compromised. Iranian and Chinese agents have likely gained access to Sandberg’s voice and data commuication, according to PST, also after Sandberg […]

PST’s boss calls minister ‘careless’

The head of Norway’s police intelligence unit PST (Politiets sikkerhetstjeneste) said on Wednesday that investigators may not be able to determine whether former government minister Per Sandberg’s mobile phone was compromised when he opted to take it with him on trips to China and Iran. Benedicte Bjørnland said Sandberg was “careless” in connection with his […]

‘Circus Sandberg’ clouded debate

Norway’s first nationally televised political party leader debate of the season was utterly overshadowed Tuesday night by the ongoing storm stirred up by former government minister Per Sandberg and his controversial summer holiday in Iran. Sandberg’s admitted security violations both before and during the trip to Iran were repeatedly used by opposition party leaders in […]