Still no arrests in kidnapping case

It’s been a year since the wife of a wealthy Norwegian businessman disappeared from their home northeast of Oslo. Police continue to investigate the case as a kidnapping, while Anne-Elisabeth Hagen’s family clings to hopes that she’s still alive. “The family keeps hoping but they don’t know whether Anne-Elisabeth is still alive,” said the family’s […]

Shoe print offers lead in kidnapping probe

Footprints made with a shoe sold at Spar Kjøp stores in Norway have given police their latest lead in the disappearance of a wealthy investor’s wife last fall. They still think, however, that Anne-Elisabeth Hagen died during an alleged kidnapping attempt. Hagen disappeared from her family’s home in Lørenskog on October 31 last year. A […]

Theories clash in kidnapping case

Is Anne-Elisabeth Hagen dead or alive? Her family’s hopes for the latter reportedly have risen, following new contact with Hagen’s alleged captors, but police still think a kidnapping last October was rigged to hide her murder, and that there’s “little probability” she’s still alive. The different positions were made clear on Tuesday, when police and […]

‘Kidnapping’ may have masked murder

Norwegian police are no longer sure that the still-missing wife of a wealthy Norwegian businessman was actually kidnapped last autumn. Now they think a ransom note found at the couple’s home was left to mask her murder. Police said at a press conference Wednesday that they now have new information about where the paper used […]

Kidnapping probe ‘enters new phase’

Police in Lørenskog northeast of Oslo say they’ve entered “a new phase” of the investigation into the disappearance and suspected kidnapping of a wealthy man’s wife eight months ago. They’d earlier asked for another NOK 18 million because of extraordinary expenses tied to the probe. Anne-Elisabeth Hagen, age 69, disappeared from the home she shared […]

Kidnapping victim feared dead

Her family refuses to give up hope, but the lack of any sign of life from suspected kidnapping victim Anne Elisabeth Hagen raises concerns she’s been killed. Police now suspect the 69-year-old wife of one of Norway’s wealthiest men may be dead. It’s been four months since Hagen disappeared from the family’s home in Lørenskog, […]

Kidnappers offer to prove Hagen is alive

Criminals claiming to have abducted the wife of a wealthy Norwegian businessman are now offering to prove she’s still alive. The family has had a new round of contact revealed this week. Police and the family of Anne-Elisabeth Hagen are extremely careful with what information they dislose to the media. Police said earlier this week […]

Kidnappers took contact again

Police announced Monday that there has been new contact between the Hagen family of Lørenskog and those who claim to have kidnapped the family’s matriarch, 68-year-old Anne-Elisabeth Hagen. She disappeared from the home where she lived with her wealthy husband Tom Hagen on October 31. “A new message has arrived, directed at the family and […]

Kidnappers finally sent a message

The family of a 68-year-old Norwegian woman who disappeard last autumn has finally received a message from those who claim to have kidnapped her. They used the same digital platform as earlier, but failed to offer any proof that she’s still alive. Police believe Anne-Elisabeth Hagen, married to wealthy Norwegian investor Tom Hagen, was abducted […]

Still no contact from woman’s kidnappers

There still haven’t been any signs of life from Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen, the 68-year-old wife of wealthy Norwegian investor Tom Hagen. Police still believe she was kidnapped from the Hagen’s home in Fjellhamar, but there’s been no contact from any alleged kidnappers. Police had hoped that when they finally went public with the case last […]