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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Shoe print offers lead in kidnapping probe

Footprints made with a shoe sold at Spar Kjøp stores in Norway have given police their latest lead in the disappearance of a wealthy investor’s wife last fall. They still think, however, that Anne-Elisabeth Hagen died during an alleged kidnapping attempt.

Hagen disappeared from her family’s home in Lørenskog on October 31 last year. A ransom note was left at the scene but actual demands for ransom payments have been sporadic and involved difficult technical means of communication.

Police announced Wednesday that they’ve found shoe prints both outside and inside the Hagen home that can’t be traced to any of those legitimately at the home, and thus may belong to an intruder and/or assailant.

They’re calling on all the nearly 1,500 people who bought so-called Sprox shoes sized 44-45-46 between August 2016 and May 2019 to contact them, so they can be checked off as suspects. The shoes were sold at 24 Spar Kjøp stores in Norway and via post order.

Police confirmed that they still think Hagen is dead, perhaps the victim of a kidnapping gone wrong or a murder make to look like a kidnapping. Her family has clung to hopes that she’s still alive, and have continued to seek contact with those who first sent ransom demands. staff



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