Street artist’s Assange painting disappeared

The Norwegian artist who goes by the initials AFK mounted another politically charged painting in Bergen over the weekend, this time depicting a tortured Julian Assange. It didn’t last long, and was gone by Monday morning. The painting showed Assange dressed like prisoners in Iraq who were mocked and harassed by US troops. Assange’s leaks […]

Editors send protest to UK

Editors of four of the Nordic countries’ leading newspapers were sending a sharp letter of protest to British Prime Minister David Cameron on Sunday, claiming that his “criminalization” of the British newspaper The Guardian will undermine the free press worldwide. The editors of Helsingen Sanomat of Finland, Aftenposten of Norway, Politiken of Denmark and Dagens […]

Manning nomination delivered

An American author and activist delivered 4,500 pages with more than 100,000 signatures to the Nobel Institute in Oslo on Monday. The petitions support the Nobel Peace Prize nomination of convicted US soldier Bradley Manning. Manning was nominated for the prize by former Nobel Laureate Mairead Corrigan-Maguire, who won the prize in 1977 for her efforts […]

Peace Prize nominations decline

Members of the Norwegian Nobel Committee have started huddling at the Nobel Institute in Oslo once again, to deliberate over who will win the Nobel Peace Prize this year. The number of nominations for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize has declined slightly for the first time in several years. Among the nominees are, as usual, […]

Russia: US will send ships to Norway

A Russian diplomat has claimed that American authorities are hoping to place warships in Norwegian waters as part of the planned NATO missile defense system. The Russian ambassador to NATO, Dmitrij Rogozin, told news agency NTB that “when I talked with my American colleagues, they did not rule out the possibility of placing missile defense […]

Ambassador breaks WikiLeaks silence

US Ambassador Barry White has been complaining about Oslo-based newspaper Aftenposten for months and finally went public with his criticism of Norway’s largest daily on Monday, in Aftenposten itself. He thinks the paper’s use of WikiLeaks documents is inappropriate. White has been unhappy over coverage in Aftenposten and a vast array of other Norwegian media […]

Norway joined NATO in suppressing reports of civilian Afghan deaths

New WikiLeaks releases, accessed by Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten, continue to embarrass the Norwegian government as well as the US’, with latest revelations suggesting that Norway’s ambassadors joined their US-led NATO allies in attempts to avoid a messy debate on civilian casualties in Afghanistan. Leaked cables from the American delegation to NATO, written in September 2008, […]

Norway among those splitting NATO

New WikiLeaks releases have revealed the depth of divisions in NATO over key questions of European security – with the Norwegian government accused of being part of an allegedly pro-Russian “gang of five” with France, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain. American diplomatic cables between 2006 and 2010, handed over to WikiLeaks and which Norwegian newspapers […]

WikiLeaks snares Nobel nomination

UPDATED: A member of the Norwegian Parliament (Stortinget) has nominated the whistle-blowing website WikiLeaks for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize – a suggestion that quickly drew controversy as the prize itself often does. A Cuban dissident also won a Nobel nod. Snorre Valen, a representative of the Socialist Left Party (Sosialistisk venstreparti, SV), highlighted WikiLeaks’ […]

WikiLeaks: Norway talked to Taliban

New WikiLeaks documents made available to Oslo newspaper Aftenposten suggest that Norwegian officials took the initiative to open negotiations with the Taliban in Afghanistan last year. Norway denies the contact, reports of which come just a week after other reports revealed previously unknown contact between Norway and Hamas. Diplomatic cables from February 7, 2010 reveal […]