Støre makes the rounds in Mideast

Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre flew right into a hornets’ nest of new tensions in the Middle East this week, as he made the rounds of visits to leaders in Israel, Jordan and Mokatah, the government complex for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. The fall of the government in Lebanon, though, throws the entire area into […]

‘Russian corruption’ worried Statoil

Norwegian state oil company Statoil is so worried about rising signs of corruption in Russia, according to US documents given to WikiLeaks, that it may cause problems for Statoil’s involvement in Russia’s giant Stockman gas field in the Barents Sea. Meanwhile, there are more signs of conflict between WikiLeaks and Oslo media outlet Aftenposten, which gained […]

Norway pressed into missile defense

The US put heavy pressure on the Norwegian government to go along with a missile defense program and apparently won support before the government made its compliance public. New disclosures from WikiLeaks documents, reported by Oslo newspaper Aftenposten, also reveal Israel’s goal to keep Gaza on the verge of economic collapse. As Aftenposten continues to […]

WikiLeaks has turned into a torrent

Oslo newspaper Aftenposten continues to churn out stories related to the content of more than 250,000 diplomatic cables that the US had intended to keep secret. Among the topics: Sri Lankan dealings with Iran, alleged French espionage and German-US spy satellites, and Israel’s plans for war. Here follows a summary of revelations emerging recently from […]

Chinese relations in deep freeze

Norway’s relations with China were chilly even before the Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded last year’s Peace Prize to a Chinese human rights activist. More WikiLeaks documents reveal strains in 2009 and earlier, and there’s also international alarm over a Chinese space project that has destroyed satellites. Now relations between China and Norway seem frozen. The […]

Editor expounds on WikiLeaks access

The editor of Oslo-based newspaper Aftenposten was fending off reaction Tuesday to a commentary she wrote on her paper’s access to all of the more than 250,000 diplomatic cables initially leaked to the non-profit organization WikiLeaks. She had called it a “paradox” that WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange reportedly is angry that Aftenposten now can report […]

Banks aren’t opposing WikiLeaks blockade

Norwegian bank officials seem to be looking the other way as their co-owned credit card company effectively blocks donations to whistle-blowing organization WikiLeaks on behalf of Visa Europe. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reports that the banks, including DnB NOR and SR-Bank, earned handsome profits when their payment firm BBS and credit card company Teller merged […]

Fighter jet price seems to soar

UPDATED: The Norwegian government’s controversial but arguably predictable decision to buy new fighter jets from its most important ally, the US, has been hit with another major cost issue. Documents leaked to WikiLeaks and reported in newspaper Aftenposten indicate the price tag has jumped by 66 percent and may cost Norwegian taxpayers another NOK 12 […]

WikiLeaks blockade under probe

Government officials in both Norway and Iceland are questioning the grounds for what’s become a credit card blockade against WikiLeaks that has disrupted the non-profit whistle-blowing organization’s ability to raise funds. Norwegian-Danish finance firm Teller is also the target of a government inquiry. Norway’s leading business newspaper, Dagens Næringsliv (DN), has reported in a series […]

WikiLeaks documents leaked again

An Oslo-based newspaper reportedly has become the only medium in the world that’s secured unlimited access to more than 250,000 documents initially leaked to the non-profit organization WikiLeaks. Newspaper Aftenposten’s access seems to have spoiled WikiLeaks’ strategy to retain control over the vast array of classified material mostly originating from US embassies around the globe. […]