NATO’s Stoltenberg scolds homeland

Jens Stoltenberg addressed the annual conference hosted by Norway’s employers’ organization NHO many times when he held government power in the country. This week he was back in his role as secretary general of NATO, and he wasn’t at all pleased with his homeland’s defense spending. His address to Norway’s business leaders, top politicians and […]

Foreign minister admits letting Libya down

Norwegian Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide admitted in Parliament this week that not enough was done to stabilize Libya after the NATO bombing attacks in 2011. Norway was active in the bombing itself, with many of its F16 fighter jets taking part. It’s been almost eight years since the former left-center government, led by Jens […]

Støre details effort for peace in Libya

While Norwegian fighter jets were bombing Libya in the spring of 2011, Norway’s foreign minister at the time got the son of the country’s dictator Moammar Gadhafi on a phone line. Jonas Gahr Støre has now spoken with Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) about the secret attempt at Libyan peace talks for the first time. “It wasn’t […]

Ex-ministers regret bombing, not Jens

Two top government colleagues of Norway’s former prime minister, Jens Stoltenberg, now say that the Stoltenberg Government should not have taken part in NATO’s bombing of Libya in 2011. Stoltenberg, who went on to become secretary general of NATO, claims he has no regrets, and would make the same decision today as he did seven […]

Norway ill-advised on bombing Libya

A state commission has concluded that Norwegian politicians knew too little about the situation in Libya before the Parliament and former Labour Party-led government agreed to take part in NATO’s bombing of the country in the spring of 2011. Norway’s prime minister at the time was NATO’s current boss, Jens Stoltenberg. The conclusion came after […]

Winds of war on Peace Prize day

NEWS ANALYSIS: Strong and unseasonably warm winds threatened to blow out the torches traditionally lit around Oslo’s City Hall on the morning of December 10, the day the Nobel Peace Prize is annually awarded inside it. As this year’s winners from Tunisia receive their prize on Thursday for championing dialogue instead of violence, an entirely different dialogue […]

F16s may join bombing of IS

Norwegian F16 fighter jets may once again be called upon to aid in the bombing of IS targets in Syria, defense experts said Tuesday morning. As a member of NATO, Norway is obliged to answer calls for help from fellow NATO members, and France has now asked EU leaders for military assistance.  Norway is not a […]

Refugee crisis stirs debate and emotion

Just weeks after Norwegian government minister Vidar Helgesen experienced the misery of refugees landing on a Greek island first hand, a Norwegian vessel was berthing at Sardinia Monday morning with nearly a thousand more refugees and migrants who’d been rescued at sea. As the humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean deepens, debate continues to fly at home over what’s […]

Ex-Yara bosses sentenced to jail

Norway’s largest-ever case of corporate corruption reached a new climax on Tuesday when a judge in Oslo convicted the former chief executive officer of fertilizer firm Yara International and three members of his top management team on charges they’d paid bribes in order to do business in either Libya, India or both. All four men were […]

Yara case set off Libyan probe

Norway’s biggest corruption investigation ever, into alleged bribes paid by former top executives of Oslo-based fertilizer giant Yara International, has also set off a much larger international probe to hunt down money from the regime of Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi. Oslo newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reports that it all started in 2012 with an inquiry from a police investigator […]