More politicians question Norway’s Libya involvement

Leaders of the small parties represented in Parliament are increasingly questioning whether it was right for Norway to take such an active role in NATO’s military attacks on Libya in 2011. Two of the parties even sat in Norway’s Labour-led government at the time, but with Libya now in chaos, they’re grappling with regrets. The […]

More than 750 saved by Norwegian ship

The vessel sent by the Norwegian government to help rescue refugees adrift on the Mediterranean rescued more than 750 people during its first mission on Monday. The Siem Pilot, normally used as a supply ship for the offshore industry, was called at 8am to take part in a rescue operation involving refugees crammed on board two […]

Stoltenberg defends NATO’s bombing of Libya

Former Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, now the secretary general of NATO, fended off criticism that NATO’s bombing of Libya in 2011 led to the country’s descent into chaos. Norway played a major role in the raids that ultimately led to demise of the Gadhafi regime in Libya. “There are many reasons why Libya collapsed, but […]

Brende defends aid to refugees

Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende has struck back at critics who claim Norway has been too slow to respond to the boat refugee crisis in the Mediterranean. His remarks came as the government announced plans to boost its aid this week. “If you look at what Europe has done, Norway hasn’t done any less,” Brende told […]

New refugee tragedy pressures coalition

Pressure grew on the Norwegian government coalition Sunday to finally send vessels to aid refugee rescue efforts in the Mediterranean, after news broke that as many as 700 refugees may have drowned while trying to flee to Europe. “How many must drown before we make a decision?” Tuva Raanes Bogsnes of the refugee aid organization Flyktninghjelpen told […]

Norway urged to aid boat refugees

Norway, known as a leading maritime nation, is facing rising calls to offer more help in tackling the thousands of boat refugees who try to cross the Mediterranean to start new lives in Europe. The Norwegian government, however, declined to send the frigate Fridtjof Nansen to the area. Norway’s merchant marine has often helped pick up refugees found stranded […]

Norway negotiated while bombing Libya

Jonas Gahr Støre, the new leader of Norway’s Labour Party, conducted secret negotiations with the Gadhafi regime in Libya at the same time that Norway was taking part, even leading, bombing raids over Libya organized by NATO. Støre, who was foreign minister in Jens Stoltenberg’s Labour-led government at the time, has confirmed the talks, which […]

Statoil returns to terror-hit In Amenas

Around 10 Statoil workers have returned to its jointly-owned gas processing plant at In Amenas, Algeria, which was targeted by radical Islamists last year. Five Norwegian Statoil employees were among the 40 killed during the terrorist attack. Statoil sent the employees back last month to work on security at the site, reported newspaper Dagens Næringsliv […]

Jens flies towards new NATO duties

He won’t formally take over until October 1, but Norway’s former prime minister, Jens Stoltenberg, was already reported to be on a flight to Washington on Sunday to prepare himself for his new job as secretary general of NATO, the world’s largest military alliance. The preparations have been going on for months already. Stoltenberg officially […]

Norway conducts more secret talks

As foreign ministers and peace brokers from around the world gathered at the historic Losby estate outside Oslo this week for an annual forum, came news that Norway has secretly been brokering talks between the Afghan government and the insurgent Taliban. Norway reportedly has been involved in several other rounds of secret talks as well. […]