Climate activists to appeal latest loss

Environmental organizations and concerned climate activists are appealing to the Norwegian Supreme court after a lower court ruled Thursday that oil production in the Barents Sea does not represent a violation of the Norwegian constitution. “We are happy the Norwegian Court of Appeals acknowledges current and future generations’ right to a healthy environment, and that […]

Norway’s oil ‘good to the last drop’

The Norwegian government, the oil directorate and the oil industry itself have all confirmed what climate activists feared. They’ll keep searching for and producing offshore oil and gas until either it or demand for it disappears. That was further confirmed this week, when new Oil & Energy Minister Sylvi Listhaug handed out 69 new exploration […]

Equinor, NHO strike back at oil critics

NEWS ANALYSIS: It was no coincidence that Norway’s state oil company Equinor launched a new initiative to cut its own carbon emissions earlier this week. The ambitious cuts were announced just before the ceremonial but controversial opening of its huge new oil field Johan Sverdrup, and just before Norwegian business leaders were being told to make […]

Climate offensive turned defensive

NEWS ANALYSIS: Prime Minister Erna Solberg headed into the New Year with a new climate offensive, using her annual address to the nation to more specifically address her many climate critics. There wasn’t much new, however, even after one of her own government partners complained during the holidays that their coalition “lacks enthusiasm” and “needs […]

Norwegians are still thirsty for more oil

Results of a new survey seem to defy all the rising protests against Norway’s oil and gas industry. The survey indicates that only 27.7 percent of all Norwegians actually want to turn off the drills and pumps, to help reverse climate change, while 49 percent don’t think Norway should let its offshore oil and gas […]

Listhaug tapped to defend Norway’s oil

NEWS ANALYSIS: Sylvi Listhaug, one of Norway’s most controversial and provocative politicians, took over as oil minister on Wednesday. Listhaug, who earlier has questioned whether people are to blame for climate change, was clearly tapped by her Progress Party leader Siv Jensen to fend off “shame” over Norway’s oil industry and push for more Arctic […]

‘Much lower growth’ in oil investments

The chief economist for the Norwegian national employers’ organization NHO is the latest to issue a sobering outlook that may only cheer anti-oil climate activists like Greta Thunberg: Norway’s economic growth will slow down, Øystein Dørum predicts, mostly because of “much lower growth in oil investments, and then a decline.” Dørum, who worked many years […]

Thunberg shames Solberg on climate

Prime Minister Erna Solberg was smiling as she posed at the opening of the UN Climate Change Conference. Now, however, she’s accused of ignoring the conference’s “call to action,” with young Swedish activist Greta Thunberg publicly accusing Solberg of violating UN rules against endangering the lives of children around the world. “Your government continues to […]

Mixed reaction after well comes up dry

Climate and environmental activists were jubilant and a German oil company  disappointed after it abandoned a highly controversial offshore oil drilling project this week. Oil firm Wintershall DEA confirmed that it failed to find enough oil to justify the costs of developing the field near the Træna reef. “We found a little oil, but less […]

Alarms ring over Equinor pollution

Norway’s environmental directorate has uncovered serious violations at a string of Equinor facilities, ranging from chemical spills at offshore platforms to leaks of climate gasses at Equinor’s Mongstad refinery. The findings refute constant boasting by Norwegian government and oil industry officials that their oil and gas production meets the highest environmental and climate standards in the […]