Experts want to move the ice edge

As Norway continues to allow more oil drilling in the Arctic to find new sources of both oil and gas, researchers want to expand the so-called “ice edge zone” that aims to protect sensitive Arctic areas. They want maximum inclusion of the areas where ice forms during the course of a year. The current ice […]

New oil exploration licenses spark fury

The Norwegian government’s decision on Wednesday to issue new oil and gas exploration licenses in Norway’s offshore Arctic areas was being roundly condemned by environmentalists and climate activists. Among the seven oil companies involved is Norway’s own Equinor, just a week after it rolled out what’s supposed to be a new “green” energy strategy away […]

‘Embarrassing’ energy plan unveiled

NEWS ANALYSIS: The Norwegian government worked hard this week to put the best possible spin on its oil and energy plans for the future, while also learning that Norway’s carbon emissions have actually been higher than previously reported. “This is embarrassing and now it’s full alarm,” claimed the leader of Norway’s chapter of Friends of […]

Norway won’t stop searching for oil

Top Norwegian politicians are defying calls from the International Energy Agency (IEA) to halt more investment in new oil fields. Both the Conservatives and the Labour Party say they still don’t see any reason to revise oil policy, while a string of climate and environmental advocates suggest the political leaders are simply in denial mode. […]

Oil outlook shrinks as revenues sink

Norway’s offshore oil revenues have made it a wealthy country, but their future is murky at best. Now even one of the oil industry’s traditional allies, the International Energy Agency (IEA), thinks Norway and all other nations should stop searching for more oil and gas, just after reports that the country’s income from oil and […]

Equinor cost cuts tied to safety issues

The new CEO at troubled state oil company Equinor has conceded that the cost-cutting program he led during the last oil crisis may have weakened safety at some company facilities. Now the state is also toughening up on some of Equinor’s accounting and reporting procedures. There seems to be no end to the criticism directed […]

Earnings boost a sagging Equinor

Twenty years after Norway partially privatized its biggest state-owned firm Statoil, the company now known as Equinor could once again deliver strong first-quarter earnings this week. Now the company needs to boost its reputation, too, after scandals tied to huge losses abroad, accidents, safety concerns, climate and environmental violations, and suspected corruption. Last year was […]

Complaints pile up against Equinor

Environmental organizations and some stock analysts are complaining that troubled state oil company Equinor isn’t disclosing all its carbon emissions to the public and investors. Meanwhile, concerns over cost-cutting and a lack of maintenance at various facilities continue to rise, while Equinor itself has postponed a reopening of its Hammerfest LNG gas plant on the […]

Violations found at Equinor gas plant

Norway’s state oil company Equinor was subjected to yet another grilling this week. State petroleum authority PTIL released the results of its investigation into a major fire at Equinor’s gas plant on the island of Melkøya in Hammerfest, and they uncovered several violations and irregularities. The dramatic fire last year threatened the city just across the water […]

No further probes of oil rig capsize

Norway’s state Auditor General’s office has determined that Norwegian authorities did not sufficiently follow up those who survived the capsizing of the oil platform Alexander Kielland in 1980. They found no basis, however, for a new investigation. The Auditor General (Riksrevisjonen) released its examination of how the authorities handled their responsibilities after the capsizing, which […]