‘Police need help’ in a nervous Oslo

A recent rash of shootings, robberies and now even another threatening situation in broad daylight have suddenly raised questions about how safe a city Oslo really is. Norway’s new justice minister, poised to spread more police funding outside of Oslo, insists it is, while others claim the capital’s resources for law and order are spread […]

All police get electric shock weapons

The Norwegian government has decided that police on patrol all over the country can now be equipped with electric shock weapons. A pilot program involving special forces and four police districts was such a success that the justice ministry is extending it nationwide on a permanent basis. A ministry evaluation determined that  electric shock weapons, […]

Murder rate falls to a new record low

Norwegians are known for being big fans of crime literature, TV series and films, especially during the Easter holidays when murder stories are eagerly consumed. The country’s own murder rate, however, is almost astonishingly low and there hasn’t been a single homicide in Norway so far this year. News broke just before the five-day Easter […]

Convicted cop loses last appeal

Norway’s Supreme Court has decided not to handle a final appeal from convicted veteran Oslo police officer Eirik Jensen. That means Jensen’s conviction and 21-year jail sentence for corruption and narcotics crimes has taken effect, and Jensen must officially start serving his prison term. Jensen was once one of Oslo’s most respected law enforcement officers, […]

Police armed as terror threat rises

Norway’s normally unarmed state police started carrying weapons on a temporary basis Thursday. They cited a higher threat of terrorist attacks carried out by Islamic and right-wing extremists, following a new evaluation of the overall terror threat by police intelligence unit PST. State Police Director Benedicte Bjørnland told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) that the threat levels […]

Police accused of sexual harassment

Norway’s state police force is run by women, as is the state police academy. That hasn’t prevented sexual harassment from permeating the ranks, not least at the academy itself, but now the leaders claim they’re cracking down. “There’s been a bad power culture and a culture dominated by men,” said Justice Minister Monica Mæland, referring […]

Police criticized after mosque shooting

An external investigation of police response to last year’s shooting at a mosque in suburban Bærum has resulted in some sharp criticism. It took police far too long to reach the mosque, and they had cooperated poorly after receiving earlier tips about the assailant, a young Norwegian man known for racist attitudes. Both local police […]

Speeding zooms in the Corona crisis

There’s been an alarming acceleration in the numbers of Norwegian motorists caught driving at high rates of speed in recent weeks. Oslo police point to a marked decline in traffic during the Corona crisis that has opened up the roads, tempting speedsters to step far too heavily on the gas pedal. Most of the offenders […]

Police have won public confidence

Fully 94 percent of Norwegians feel safe in Norway, and 79 percent have confidence in their police. That’s even higher than two years ago, when an earlier public survey was conducted for the state police directorate. The survey, conducted by research firm Kantar, also showed that public confidence in the police was highest in Oslo, […]

PST raises threat of right-wing terror

Norway’s domestic police intelligence unit PST issued a new terror warning on Thursday that raises the threat of attacks carried out by right-wing extremists. The threat level in Norway, PST believes, is now “clearly worrisome.” Norway already has been the site of one of the worst right-wing extremist attacks in the world, when a young […]