Solberg struggles with IS dilemma

Prime Minister Erna Solberg faces yet another thorny political dilemma involving Norwegian women who joined the brutal Islamic State (IS) terror group, had children with IS terrorists and now languish in squalid refugee camps in Syria and Iraq. Solberg’s own government is split over whether Norwegian taxpayers should bring both the women and their children […]

Norway celebrates veterans, freedom

It was perhaps ironic that a large German cruiseship would sail into Oslo early Wednesday morning, just as an historic US military vessel was sailing out. Things were different on May 8, 1945, when Norway could first celebrate its liberation from five years of Nazi German occupation during World War II, and efforts continue to […]

Saudis linked to threat against refugee

Norwegian security officials have warned an Arab refugee living in Norway that he may be in danger, reports the British newspaper The Guardian. The Norwegian officials are said to have spirited writer Iyad el-Baghdadi, who’s been a vocal critic of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, to a secure location after being alerted to the […]

Jensen branded as being ‘desperate’

Political opponents claim it’s a sign of desperation that Progress Party leader Siv Jensen called them the equivalent of “goddamned socialists” during the party’s annual meeting this weekend. They think the party’s dive in public opinion polls is prompting Jensen to resort to such rhetoric in the run-up to difficult local elections this fall. Jensen, […]

Spy chief candid to the bitter end

In his unusual but typically candid manner, Lt General Kjell Grandhagen told newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) last December that he didn’t know how long he’d live after New Year. Terminally ill with bone marrow cancer, the highly decorated career officer and former chief of Norway’s military intelligence agency made it all through the winter, remaining […]

Norway set to ban disposable plastic

This may be the last summer that Norwegians can buy disposable plastic items like spoons, forks, knives and cups for picnics or camping trips. Climate and Environment Minister Ola Elvestuen proposes a ban on sales that may take effect next year, ahead of an EU ban in 2021. “I want to ban sales of these […]

Sylvi’s back, to both cheers and groans

NEWS ANALYSIS: Norway’s scandal-ridden Progress Party needed something to rev up dejected troops at its annual national meeting this weekend, and got it: Prime Minister Erna Solberg reappointed the party’s highly controversial Sylvi Listhaug to her cabinet, just a year after Listhaug was forced to resign as justice minister. “This appointment must either mean that […]

May Day launched election campaigns

Thousands of Norwegians turned out all over the country for traditional workers’ rallies and parades on their May 1st Labour Day holiday. Top city officials in Oslo, meanwhile, used the occasion to launch their political campaigns for re-election this fall. “Dear comrades!” bellowed Raymond Johansen from the podium at Youngstorget, a central square in Oslo […]

Arctic oil protesters mount drilling rig

Climate activists opposed to Norway’s ongoing oil and gas exploration in the Arctic paddled out once again to a drilling rig moored off Hammerfest on Monday, and climbed up on it to let their protests be known. They demanded that Norway “take its share of responsibility for climate change,” and stop drilling for more oil […]

Farmers demand more subisidies

Norway’s powerful farm lobby presented record-high subsidy demands of NOK 1.92 billion on Monday. They’re encouraged that they’ll be dealing with a new agriculture minister from the Christian Democrats party this year, who’s viewed as much more farmer-friendly than her recent predecessors from the Progress Party. Agriculture Minister Olaug Bollestad, who also serves as a […]