Two more inmates escaped from jail, later caught

UPDATED: Two men  in their 20s and 30s escaped from a low-security prison in eastern Norway on Thursday, the second jail-break so far this week. Their hours in freedom were short. On Tuesday a man escaped from the Bastøy prison on an island off Horten by paddling a surfboard over the Oslo Fjord. Police on […]

Man escaped prison on a surfboard

Norwegian police think a young inmate at Norway’s Bastøy Prison, located on an island off Horten south of Oslo, escaped during the night by paddling a surfboard with a spade over to the mainland. The convict, a 23-year-old man serving time for rape and narcotics violations, was last seen Tuesday evening and was missing early […]

SAS wins contract for prisoner transport

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) has won a state contract to transport Norwegian prisoners to the Netherlands, where Norway struck a deal to confine them in Dutch jails because of a shortage of jail space at home. SAS will use one of its ordinary Boeing 737 charter jets with specially trained crew to fly 242 prisoners from Norway […]

Teenage killer to be held indefinitely

A local court has ruled that the public must be protected from a violent 15-year-old girl who murdered the woman who was taking care of her at a juvenile care facility at Vollen in Asker, west of Oslo. The girl has appealed her sentence of nine years in the special type of custody that can be […]

Ombud assails Norway’s jails

Norway’s prisons are often described as “hotels” by foreign inmates who marvel over their single cells, some of which even have flat-screen TVs. Norwegian jails are not good enough, however, for inspectors from the country’s own civilian ombudsman who sees risk of “torture and inhuman treatment.” That’s something normally feared far outside Europe’s borders but […]

Government plans to build new jails

After suffering a severe shortage of jail space for years, Norway’s conservative government has proposed building no less than four new prisons and expanding cell space at existing prisons. Justice Minister Anders Anundsen told newspaper VG that at least 2,000 more jail cells are needed by 2040. One of the new prisons is planned for Agder in southern […]

Dutch jail ready for Norwegian prisoners

Authorities in the Netherlands have confirmed that one of its prisons in the northern part of the country can accommodate prisoners from Norway, which suffers from a lack of enough jail cells to house Norway’s growing numbers of convicts. Newspaper Bergens Tidende reported that the Veenhuizen prison in the Netherlands may take in Norwegian convicts if […]

Packed prisons turn away convicts

Nearly 1,200 convicted criminals are waiting to serve their time at Norwegian prisons, because of a shortage of cell space in prisons that also need renovation. Justice Minister Anders Anundsen calls the situation “dramatic,” and blames earlier governments for failing to take the need for more jail space seriously. The shortage of cell space is not a […]

Music and art may relieve prison stays

Norwegian police in Østfold County want to install “lydkunst,” a combination of music and art, in the solitary confinement cells at the county’s new police station in Sarpsborg. They think it will make prisoners’ confinement more comfortable and less traumatic. Prison is usually viewed as a form of punishment after someone has done something wrong. […]

Empty army camps could become jails

A senior police official has proposed to put away foreign converts in some of North Norway’s many abandoned military camps.  “Foreign criminals are taking up a lot of space in our jails,” Vestfold police inspector Magnar Pedersen told Dagbladet. “The armed forces have abanadoned so much in North Norway, but the buildings are still there and […]