Norways stops leasing Dutch jail space

The Norwegian government claims it has succeeded in its efforts to shorten the waiting lists of convicts needing to serve jail time. After having rented jail space in the Netherlands for the past three years, it can now give up its lease at a jail in Veenhuizen. A total of 915 prisoners from Norway have […]

Norway may stop sending prisoners to the Netherlands

Justice Minister Per-Willy Amundsen announced just before the Christmas holidays that Norway’s conservative government may let its agreement to lease cells at a prison in the Netherlands expire next fall. Amundsen said the extra jail space was no longer needed. “The waiting lists for convicts needing to serve time in jail have been cut back,” […]

Convict Toska now serving time at home

David Toska, described as the criminal mastermind of a spectacular and deadly commando robbery in Stavanger in 2004, is now being allowed to serve his prison time at his home in Bergen. Newspaper VG reports that Toska has also started a job training program at a company called Lean Business. Toska, age 41, was convicted and […]

Inmate who murdered pedophile convict faces more charges

A 55-year-old Norwegian prison inmate who has admitted to murdering a fellow prisoner convicted of numerous sexual assaults on children has confessed to two attempted murders of other inmates as well. He also has clarified his motive. “The motive was his irritation against the men convicted of assaults,” his defense attorney Oscar Ihlebæk told newspaper […]

Norway considers jailing pedophiles separately

As registered sexual assaults on children continue to rise in Norway and worldwide, calls are going out to jail Norwegian pedophiles separately from other prisoners. They’re said to rank lowest within the prison population and can be subjected to attacks or worse. Debate rose this week after a 55-year-old Norwegian man, who’d been convicted of repeated attacks on […]

Serial sex offender killed in prison

A 58-year-old man who was an inmate in one of Norway’s high-security prisons was killed during the weekend by a fellow inmate. It was the first murder inside a Norwegian prison since 1982. The victim, identified as Christian Alexander Borge, had been convicted of a series of sexual assaults on children. A representative for prison employees […]

‘Absurd’ to portray mass-murderer as a victim

Reaction was swift on Wednesday after a report from Norway’s civilian ombud expressed concerns that prisoners held in high-security facilities can suffer from being isolated. There currently are only two prisoners held in such facilities, one of whom is the mass-murderer who attacked Norway’s government and Labour Party on July 22, 2011. A commentator for […]

Prisoners sent to jail in Netherlands

Around 20 Norwegian prisoners will already be in place in new Dutch cells when Norwegian authorities ceremoniously take over a key to the Norgerhaven Prison in Veenhuizen, the Netherlands on Wednesday. The first Norwegian inmates were being flown down on Tuesday. The controversial agreement to transfer Norwegian prisoners to the Dutch jail, because of an acute shortage […]

Solberg must answer for disputed video

Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister Erna Solberg has reportedly been too busy preparing for this week’s state budget conference to answer questions about a highly controversial and promotional video prepared by her justice minister, Anders Anundsen from the Progress Party. Top politicians in parliament claim, however, that she’ll have to respond. At issue is whether […]

Minister blasted for ‘propaganda’

Justice Minister Anders Anundsen is once again the target of harsh criticism, after spending NOK 50,000 of taxpayers’ money to produce a half-hour video that boasts of what he sees as the ministry’s many accomplishments under his leadership. Critics including opposition politicians, police union officials and the media accuse Anundsen of using public funds and state officials’ […]