Sporting goods chain to fade away

Sports retailer Gresvig has long been one of the dominant retailers in Norway, with its G-sport and G-Max chains highly visible all over the country. Now they’re being shut down following large losses, with most being moved over to the Intersport chain. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reported just before the weekend that G-sport and G-Max […]

Retailer shuts down 51 clothing stores

Norway’s Varner Group, which runs various men’s and women’s clothing chains around the country, is giving up on its formerly popular Vivike chain. It didn’t help to change its name to Days Like This, and now its 300 employees face tough days ahead. Varner announced it would close all 51 of its Days Like This […]

Slow start to shopping season

Norway’s Christmas shopping season got off to a slow start, reports retail trade association Virke. Total sales during the traditional kick-off week at the end of November were down 4.2 percent compared to the same week last year. Credit card use increased, adding to concerns over Norwegians’ rising consumer debt level. Norwegians have long had […]

Anti-wolf activists target Stormberg

Norwegian sportswear producer Stormberg has become the latest target of farmers, hunters, landowners and others who want to all but rid Norway of wolves. They’ve resorted to burning Stormberg clothing after the company started financially supporting wildlife organization WWF, to help protect endangered species. Stormberg’s initial donation of NOK 400,000 a year to WWF is […]

Moods founders buy back the shop

Some of the founders and employees of the bankrupt Norwegian retail clothing chain Moods of Norway have submitted the highest bid to buy back the chain’s bankruptcy estate with the aim of starting over. Their purchase includes warehouse and store inventory, units like  Moods USA and Moods Sverige, “the brand, of course, everything,” Moods’ chairman […]

Extra plastic bag fee earmarked for new fund

Nowegian retailers are taking the initiative themselves to boost plastic bag fees by 50 percent, and send the money to a new fund earmarked for environmental measures. The goal is to reduce plastic bag usage, but not everyone thinks it will work. “I think only a few people will use fewer plastic bags,” grocery store […]

Moods of Norway files for bankruptcy

They were once jumping for joy and declaring how they made “happy clothes for happy people.” Now the mood has changed dramatically among those working for Moods of Norway, the offbeat Norwegian clothing retailer, after its founders declared bankruptcy on Wednesday. “It’s incomprehensibly sad that the adventure is now over,” Moods of Norway founder Simen Staalnacke told Norwegian […]

Pharmacy prices set off protests

Norwegians have long had to deal with food and beverage prices that are as much as double those in neighbouring Sweden. Now the spotlight has turned to pharmacy prices that can be triple those for exactly the same products south and east of the border. It’s part of Easter week traditions in many Norwegian families […]

Johaug clothing sales halted in Finland

Doping-charged skier Therese Johaug hasn’t only lost this season’s potential winnings on the ski trails, she’s also losing money on sales of her line of clothing. “In Norway, sales are still good, but we have chosen to pull out of Finland,” said Øystein Bråta, director of Nordic operations for Active Brands, which owns the Johaug […]

Rema 1000 drops major suppliers

Grocery shopping in Norway has generated lots of criticism and complaints over the years, because of market concentration, high prices and relatively poor selection. Now one of Norway’s leading chains, Rema 1000, has really upset the shopping carts by removing many major brands from its shelves, in favour of local suppliers and only a few national conglomerates. The […]