‘Russ’ season worries health institute

Norway’s rowdy graduating high school students known as russ have mostly waited for their partying to begin, because of all the Corona virus restrictions. The government has allowed russ season to begin from the 17th of May, but state health institute FHI worries it can lead to another infection spike. FHI’s top officials have otherwise been […]

Corona postpones ‘russ’ party season

Norway’s infamous “russ” season, normally a time when many high school students celebrate graduation with wild mass partying and bizarre rituals, has been postponed by the Corona crisis. While more than a few Norwegians can look forward to sleep better at night this spring, some reckon that the time is ripe to finally end the […]

‘Russ’ culture taken over by business

Horror stories about Norwegian high school seniors called “russ” going amok in southern climes this summer have been dominating local media. Calls are now going out for their schools to take control of Norway’s rowdy russ culture, and out of the hands of commercial business interests. “It’s very easy to sell to this group of […]

‘Russ’ take partying and brawls abroad

Norway’s notorious high school seniors known as “russ” have landed in trouble this summer, after exporting their rowdiness and rivalries to holiday spots in the Mediterranean. Hotel, restaurant and bar owners on the Greek islands of Kos and Ios have had their fill of young Norwegians “who feel they have a right to do what […]

Five more Norwegian teens arrested in Greece

Young Norwegian men have been causing trouble on Greek islands this summer. State broadcaster NRK reported Sunday that five more were arrested on the island of Ios, and charged with beating and breaking the legs of another Norwegian 18-year-old. NRK reported that Norwegian youth say that fights have broken out nearly every day during the […]

Young Norwegians released from Greek jail

All of the Norwegian teenagers who were arrested after taking part in street fights on the Greek island of Kos last week had been released as of Monday. Conflicting versions remain of what actually led to their arrests. Some witnesses on Kos have told state broadcaster NRK that the fights were arranged in advance, among […]

Last big party weekend for the ‘russ’

Parents, police and Norwegians who need to sleep at night can soon breathe a sigh of relief. High school graduates known as the russ are winding up their last several days of heavy partying, which climaxes on Norway’s Constitution Day on the 17th of May. Police were called out several places around the country heading […]

Fire destroys buses used by the ‘russ’

Police, firefighters and ambulances rushed to the scene of a major fire at Fornebu, west of Oslo, early Wednesday morning that destroyed two of the buses used for partying by graduating high school students known as russ. Heat from the fire and smoke also damaged at least one other russebuss along with additional vehicles parked inside […]

‘Russ’ drop premium for sex in roundabouts

Graduating high school students known as russ have decided to drop one of their many dubious distinctions handed out during their spring partying season. They’ll no longer award a knot in the tassels of their student caps for having sex in a roundabout, at least not in the inland community of Ringsaker. The russ (roughly pronounced […]

‘MeToo’ changes even rowdy ‘russ’

After months of exposing and shaming virtually every sector of Norwegian life, from academia and the arts to finance and not least politics, the international “MeToo” campaign against sexual harassment now even seems set to tame Norway’s traditionally shameless russ. They’re the graduating high school students known for ruthless partying, but this year’s rowdy russ […]