Bergen now has the most el-scooters

Pedestrians in Oslo could breathe a sigh of relief this week, after thousands of electric scooters were forcibly removed from the city streets, leaving 8,000 available for rental. The reduction ended up giving Bergen the dubious distinction of having the largest density of el-scooters per capita in Europe. Oslo officials, backed by a court ruling, […]

Court upholds new el-scooter rules

Thousands of Oslo’s popular but highly controversial electric scooters were left scattered and unusable around town on Friday. New restrictions limit their sheer numbers, and the Oslo County Court turned down a legal challenge by scooter operators to suspend the regulations that took effect on September 10. The new rules are forcing a huge reduction […]

Minister ‘wakes up’ to el-scooter danger

Transport Minister Knut Arild Hareide now claims to be “deeply worried” over the ongoing rise in serious accidents involving electric scooters, and how they threaten the safety of pedestrians. Hareide’s new proposed restrictions on them were met by criticism that they’re too little, too late. “We want to congratulate Hareide over how he has finally […]

El-scooter operators sue Oslo officials

Three companies that rent out controversial electric scooters in Oslo have sued the city over new regulations that will limit the total number of scooters available for hire to 8,000. There currently are around 30,000 in Oslo alone, meaning many companies will have to cut back their operations considerably. El-scooter firms Tier, Voi and Ryde […]

Hit-and-run scooter driver fined

Police in Bergen have fined a man in his 50s NOK 13,000 (USD 1,600) for allegedly hitting a toddler on a public square in Bergen while riding an electric scooter and then fleeing the scene. The suspect denied he hit the one-year-old boy but witnesses and surveillance video suggest otherwise. The little boy and his […]

Police nab errant el-scooter riders

Police in Oslo have launched a crackdown on traffic violations committed by those riding electric scooters. Scores have been stopped and hit with hefty fines on the spot, for running red lights, riding at excessive speeds or having a passenger on board. Police have been setting up daily traffic controls this week in heavily trafficked […]

El-scooter chaos all summer long

There are now an estimated 30,000 electric scooters zipping along on Oslo’s streets and sidewalks, scaring pedestrians and causing a new rash of serious injuries. City officials now claim they’ll ban the scooters from operating after 11pm from September, in an effort to keep drunk riders from injuring themselves and others, but fear chaos through […]

El-scooter rider sentenced to jail

A 48-year-old man who ran down a pedestrian in Oslo last fall while riding an electric scooter at high speed has been sentenced to 18 days in prison and lost his driver’s license for a year. It’s the first case of its kind after years of complaints about the popular scooters. The woman he hit […]

Police act after el-scooter injuries soar

Oslo police have started issuing citations to reckless el-scooter riders and may even revoke the driver’s license of one young man who ran a red light and was hit by a car. His injuries over the weekend added to several other serious accidents just since Friday. “The car had a green light while the el-scooter […]

El-scooter operators vow to end chaos

Six operators of the highly controversial electric scooters in Oslo have promised to work together to address issues that have made the scooters a nuisance on city streets. Street patrols, lower speeds, a campaign to get users to be more considerate, and better parking facilities are among measures discussed at a meeting with Transport Minister […]