Bergen now has the most el-scooters

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Pedestrians in Oslo could breathe a sigh of relief this week, after thousands of electric scooters were forcibly removed from the city streets, leaving 8,000 available for rental. The reduction ended up giving Bergen the dubious distinction of having the largest density of el-scooters per capita in Europe.

Oslo officials, backed by a court ruling, could finally crack down on the roughly 25,000 scooters that created chaotic conditions in the Norwegian capital. As of September 10, “only” 8,000 were allowed, and even they must be rendered unavailable between 1am and 5am. Scooter operators are also responsible for removing scooters that are found blocking sidewalks.

There are also 8,500 scooters available for rental in Bergen, but since it has a much smaller population than Oslo, the numbers per capita are much higher. Bergen now has a total of 309 el-scooters per 10,000 inhabitants, compared to under 50 in Paris, Berlin and Rome. staff