State budget puts ‘politics in practice’

Norway’s outgoing Conservatives-led government presented its last state budget proposal on Tuesday, but now it’s subject to lots of debate and alteration in Parliament. The new incoming Labour-Center government will want to put its mark on the budget, and then it will come under pressure from more left-leaning parties. That suggests higher taxes on the […]

Revised state budget won approval

Lower taxes on soft drinks, lower ferry fares and more funding for psychiatric care were what it took for the conservative government coalition to win support from the Progress Party for its revised state budget. Progress, which withdrew from the coalition early last year, also managed to get the government to remove six toll plazas […]

Norway plots its path out of crisis

Finance Minister Jan Tore Sanner admits to a lot of uncertainty regarding prospects for renewed economic growth in Norway. The revised state budget he proposed this week to bring the country out of the Corona crisis was nonetheless getting generally good reviews, despite its record withdrawals from the Oil Fund. “The government is burning through […]

Solberg budgets for better times ahead

Prime Minister Erna Solberg found a way around her own government’s rules against meetings this week, to start hashing out a state budget proposal for 2022. She and her ministers face enormous budget uncertainty, over the state of a post-Corona economy and whether she’ll still be in office to carry it out, but her government […]

New state budget cuts lots of taxes

After weeks of intense negotiations, Norway’s conservative parties have finally agreed on a state budget for next year that includes large cuts in some unpopular taxes, more money for transport, pensions, police and the courts, and lower health care bills. The budget deal gives the government a majority in Parliament, averting a stand-off that could […]

Samí emerge as state budget winners

Various Samí communities around Norway were celebrating on Wednesday after the government’s proposed state budget for next year granted then a total of NOK 1.2 billion. The government’s goal is to strengthen Samí society. “This is a great gift for us,” Rolf Degerlund, leader of the Samí National Theater in Kautokeino, told state broadcaster NRK. […]

Corona truce over, budget battle begins

Finance Minister Jan Tore Sanner presented his first state budget on behalf of the government on Wednesday, claiming it was aimed at bringing Norway out of the Corona virus crisis. Opposition parties led off by Labour briefly acknowledged how they’ve cooperated on doing just that, before attacking the proposed budget for allegedly increasing social differences […]

Oil firms set to win disputed tax relief

The Norwegian government’s revised state budget includes tax relief measures that some fear will unduly stimulate the oil industry. Finance Minister Jan Tore Sanner is most keen, however, to preserve jobs and ease the current pain and uncertainty of low oil prices, while some Members of Parliament want to do even more to aid oil […]

State to launch colon cancer screening

Starting next year, all men and women in Norway will be called in for colon cancer screening when they turn 55. It’s part of a new national health effort to detect colon cancer early, and save lives. Funding to make a successful pilot program permanent was included in the government’s proposed state budget for 2020 […]

Opposition finds lots to complain about

NEWS ANALYSIS: The conservative government’s state budget “fails to solve the big challenges,” it “lets down the next generation” and shows that the government “isn’t listening to what folks are saying.” There was all kinds of buzz in the corridors of Parliament on Monday over the new state budget proposal for next year. It didn’t […]