Oil firms set to win disputed tax relief

The Norwegian government’s revised state budget includes tax relief measures that some fear will unduly stimulate the oil industry. Finance Minister Jan Tore Sanner is most keen, however, to preserve jobs and ease the current pain and uncertainty of low oil prices, while some Members of Parliament want to do even more to aid oil […]

State to launch colon cancer screening

Starting next year, all men and women in Norway will be called in for colon cancer screening when they turn 55. It’s part of a new national health effort to detect colon cancer early, and save lives. Funding to make a successful pilot program permanent was included in the government’s proposed state budget for 2020 […]

Opposition finds lots to complain about

NEWS ANALYSIS: The conservative government’s state budget “fails to solve the big challenges,” it “lets down the next generation” and shows that the government “isn’t listening to what folks are saying.” There was all kinds of buzz in the corridors of Parliament on Monday over the new state budget proposal for next year. It didn’t […]

Jensen steps on the state budget brakes

Finance Minister Siv Jensen presented the government’s proposed state budget for next year on Monday, backed by the strength of a majority in Parliament for the first time. The budget aims at maintaining Norway’s still-strong economy, by reining in the use of oil revenues as the country also braces for economic restructuring and challenging years […]

Tax cuts, defense among priorities

While economists were generally praising the Norwegian government’s proposed state budget for 2020 on Monday, debate was already flying over how the conservative coalition plans to spend taxpayers’ money. Here’s a rundown of some of the budget’s key priorities and provisions. They’re driven by a state government attempt to lower taxes for a majority of […]

‘United front’ as budget talks begin

After weeks of political turmoil and even speculation that her government might fall, Prime Minister Erna Solberg pulled her troops together once again on Wednesday as they headed into state budget talks. All four party leaders involved did their best to present a united front. “We sit in this government because there’s more that unites […]

Still no money to repair Viking Ships

Officials at the University of Oslo’s Museum of Cultural Heritage have been disappointed once again after the government’s revised state budget still provided no funding for its efforts to keep Norway’s famed Viking Ships from literally falling apart. “We are extremely surprised and disappointed that the government hasn’t found place in the budget to take […]

Government starts talking expansion

UPDATED: Prime Minister Erna Solberg and her two other coalition leaders could celebrate five years of cooperation earlier this fall, and now are negotiating to stay in power for at least another three. Policy negotiations with the Christian Democrats finally began Thursday night, after more drama during the day, but no results are expected until […]

Opposition parties keen to raise taxes

As the state budget dust settles on the conservative side of Norwegian politics, every single party on the left side is proposing budgets that contain billions of kroner in higher taxes. That’s not as controversial in Norway as in many other countries, but highlights clearer differences among the eight parties in Parliament, and clearer choices […]

No funds for new Viking ship museum

Norway’s government was once again being accused on Wednesday of allowing the country’s Viking heritage to rot. State budget negotiations failed to provide funding to preserve its priceless Viking ships, or start construction on a renovated museum for them that would be dedicated to the Viking age. “We are very disappointed,” said Håkon Glørstad, director […]