New state budget talks underway

The embattled Christian Democrats are carrying on their crusade for more influence. Now they’ve launched into state budget negotiations with the government parties that could lead to them joining the current conservative government coalition and finally giving it a majority in Parliament, but their participation currently carries a price tag as high as NOK 10 […]

Widerøe threatens route cancellations

The Norwegian airline serving small airports around the country claims that a new airline passenger tax can result in major cuts in service to outlying areas. It’s threatening that routes in Finnmark and along the West Coast can be especially affected. The government’s recently proposed state budget includes new methods of calculating the tax that’s […]

State budget’s everyday effects

Details of the government’s state budget proposal this week will have an effect on the everyday lives of most Norwegians if they win majority support in Parliament. Here’s a rundown of some of the highlights: There won’t be any increase in Norway’s 25 percent VAT (called moms in Norwegian) but there will be some slight […]

State budget aims for political appeal

Finance Minister Siv Jensen presented the conservative Norwegian government coalition’s state budget proposal on Monday that seems to offer something for everyone. While Jensen stressed that “it’s good for the country,” it was widely viewed as especially good for the small Christian Democrats party that will ultimately decide the fate of both the budget and […]

Flat 25% tax urged for foreign workers

Among the changes in the conservative coalition government’s revised state budget proposal on Tuesday is a simplification of income tax rules for foreign workers. A host of other proposals may be felt by Norwegians as well. Finance Minister Siv Jensen and her government colleagues think current income tax rules for foreigners working in Norway for […]

Revised budget taps less from Oil Fund

Finance Minister Siv Jensen has long wanted to invest more of Norway’s oil revenues at home, in everything from better roads to more nursing homes, instead of in stock markets abroad. She’s nonetheless going along with plans to tap the country’s huge Oil Fund for even less than the conservative government coalition projected in its […]

Tax revenue boom ‘signals optimism’

Finance Minister Siv Jensen has reason to smile after a long and difficult winter: New figures show a boom in unexpected tax revenue rolling into the state treasury, much of it tied to Norway’s economic recovery from the oil price collapse. “This is another signal of optimism and brighter times,” Jensen told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) […]

Listhaug responds, angers even more

UPDATED: Justice Minister Sylvi Listhaug, under pressure to apologize for claiming on Facebook that Norway’s Labour Party puts terrorists’ rights above national security, has finally published a response after days of refusing to comment. She also finally deleted the post many found so offensive, but refused to admit defeat even after her initial response stirred […]

Budget talks off to a ‘tough’ start

Prime Minister Erna Solberg knew this year’s state budget conference would be “tough” even without all the political conflict swirling around her. Her government can’t justify dipping into Norway’s Oil Fund any longer to grease the way for more government spending, and mostly has to “move around” the money it already has. That’s a lot, […]

Solberg suddenly loses confidence

NEWS ANALYSIS: As if leading annual state budget negotiations wasn’t demanding enough, Prime Minister Erna Solberg had to do so this week while her own offensive justice minister, Sylvi Listhaug, was blatantly challenging her authority. At stake is public confidence in top Norwegian politicians and the government coalition itself, just as Solberg also faces some […]