Statoil on results, safety and sanctions

Statoil’s results for the second quarter of 2014 revealed adjusted earnings were lower than expected, but the net profit was better than anticipated. Chief Executive Helge Lund said the potential for more political and economic sanctions against Russia posed a challenged for Norway’s biggest company, and he also confirmed Statoil had taken steps to protect […]

Statoil returns to terror-hit In Amenas

Around 10 Statoil workers have returned to its jointly-owned gas processing plant at In Amenas, Algeria, which was targeted by radical Islamists last year. Five Norwegian Statoil employees were among the 40 killed during the terrorist attack. Statoil sent the employees back last month to work on security at the site, reported newspaper Dagens Næringsliv […]

Terror-hit Statoil still taking risks

One year after Norwegian oil company Statoil was hit by a terrorist attack at a gas plant it co-operated in Algeria, the company continues to do business in a string of dangerous places. Like other oil companies around the world, Statoil has been expanding into politically unstable areas of the Middle East and North Africa, […]

Statoil ‘must’ improve security

Norwegian oil company Statoil “couldn’t have prevented” the deadly attack by Islamic terrorists on its gas facility in Algeria earlier this year, claims a commission appointed by Statoil to investigate it. The company was told on Thursday that it must, however, improve its security procedures both at home and abroad. “Given the threats Statoil faces, […]

Terror survivors tell their stories

Three Statoil employees who survived a terrorist attack on an Algerian gas plant in January finally told their dramatic stories this week, on Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) and in other media. Many questions remain, as Statoil’s own investigation into the attack continues. Bjarne Våge of Sandnes and Thure Ingebrigtsen of Bergen were already on the job […]

British extremist claims ‘mentor’ role

A British Islamic extremist reportedly has claimed he’s become a mentor and adviser for Norwegian Islamists, although they don’t seem to entirely agree. Several of the men who were espousing radical Islamic ideology in Norway last year, meanwhile, have since been keeping a lower profile. Newspaper Aftenposten reported over the weekend that Anjem Choudary, who […]

Statoil launches Algerian probe

Norwegian oil company Statoil has appointed retired Lt General Torgeir Hagen, former head of the military’s own intelligence agency, to lead the company’s own probe into the terrorist attack last month that left five of its workers dead at an Algerian gas plant. Statoil officials claim they want to learn how to further boost security […]

Statoil honours its terror victims

Five flags hung at half-mast outside Bergen’s historic Håkons Hall on Monday, as Statoil chief executive Helge Lund and Norway’s oil minister Ola Borten Moe honoured the state oil company’s five employees who were killed in last month’s terrorist attack on a gas plant in Algeria. Lund called the attacks “unfair and meaningless.” His voice […]

Statoil mourns all its five victims

The last of the missing employees of Norwegian state oil company Statoil who were among hostages held in a terrorist attack in Algeria on January 16 was confirmed dead at the end of the week, as the caskets of his four colleagues were brought back to Norway. A memorial ceremony is planned for next week […]

Statoil wants to stay in Algeria

Norwegian state-owned oil company Statoil intends to continue operations in Algeria after a gas processing plant was attacked there earlier this month by radical Islamists, killing 37 foreign workers. Calls have gone out, meanwhile, for an independent review of whether security at the plant was good enough. As part of the review of what happened […]