Four hostages confirmed dead

UPDATED: Four of the five missing employees of Norwegian state oil company Statoil who were among those taken hostage in Algeria on January 16 are now confirmed to have been killed. One of their colleagues still has not been found and is feared dead as well. Statoil had announced Friday evening that the situation remained […]

Profits rule over risks and ethics

NEWS ANALYSIS: Major Norwegian companies seem more than willing to take risks and downplay ethical concerns to continue doing business in troubled areas abroad. Backed by supportive and often cooperative government officials, even Norway’s royal family at times, Norwegian executives are active in hot spots from Algeria and Azerbaijan to Yemen because of the potential […]

Stoltenberg: ‘No decision’ on Mali

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, who’s won more praise for his handling of last week’s hostage crisis, won’t be sending Norwegian soldiers to Mali any time soon. His government is still weighing participation in an EU- and Nordic-backed training program to aid Mali’s resistance to radical Islamists, but with a third of Norwegians opposed to involvement […]

Questions raised over Statoil’s risk

Norwegian state-owned oil company Statoil underestimated the risk of operating in Algeria, claims a former Statoil board member. His claim, made a week after terrorists attacked an Algerian gas plant partly operated by Statoil, raises questions over the company’s risk disclosure, while other concerns rose over reports that some of the terrorists involved in the […]

Government split over aid to Mali

Norway’s coalition government is by no means united on a proposal to send Norwegian troops to Mali, to help allies fend off an Islamist insurgency. While government ministers from the dominant Labour Party are considering joining the French-led military effort, their partners are skeptical at best. Norway’s involvement would likely be limited to participation in […]

Norway may join the battle in Mali

Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide, who’s just spent the past week dealing with a crisis involving Norwegian hostages at an Algerian gas plant, is now considering sending Norwegian troops into neighbouring Mali, where many of the hostage-takers came from. Opposition politicians in the Norwegian Parliament appear to support such a move. Eide and Defense Minister […]

Eide shifts from Algeria to Arctic

Norwegian Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide shifted his attention from the aftermath of a hostage crisis in Afghanistan to the future of the Arctic this week, when he joined leaders of other Arctic nations at a major conference in Tromsø on Monday. Eide, who’d been working day and night on the hostage crisis, addressed the […]

Statoil mourns as death toll rises

Algerian authorities announced Monday that 38 hostages, 37 of them foreign nationals working in Algeria, are now believed to have been killed after Islamist terrorists stormed a gas processing plant last week that was partly run by Norwegian state oil company Statoil. Five Norwegian employees at the plant who remain missing are now presumed to […]

Norway copes with new national crisis

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg headed for Statoil’s headquarters in Stavanger on Monday, as the hostage crisis in Algeria continued to put his government and Norway’s oil industry to a new and dramatic test. With five Norwegians still missing and Statoil’s co-operated gas plant the target of last week’s terrorist attack, Stoltenberg faced an emotional meeting […]

Høyre hits new heights in new poll

Never before has Norway’s Conservative Party (Høyre) had so much support in a public opinion poll or an election: The party held 40.1 percent of the vote in Norway as of early last week, a level that even Høyre leader Erna Solberg called “unreal.” Solberg was smiling, but nonetheless cautious over the results of the […]