Passengers adapt to the bus strike

Local government and business officials were braced for traffic chaos on Monday, after a bus strike that began in Oslo expanded nationwide. Passengers found other ways of getting around, however, with no strike settlement in sight. A total of 8,500 bus drivers are now on strike in all but two counties of Norway. Bus commuters […]

Bus strike spreads all over Norway

More than 8,000 bus drivers are now on strike from Finnmark in the north to Oslo in the south. The strike that began in the greater metropolitan Oslo area last week spread over the weekend, with the drivers demanding salaries that would bring them closer up to what other industrial colleagues earn. “The bus drivers […]

Bus strike sparks commuter chaos

UPDATED: Commuters, students and everyone else who regularly travel by bus in and around Oslo need to find other means of transport, or just stay home. A strike by nearly 4,000 frustrated bus drivers has set off commuter chaos and more Corona infection alarms, and the strike was set to spread quickly nationwide. “Don’t travel […]

Security guards go on strike

More than 800 security guards were called out on strike Wednesday after labour negotiations broke down between employers’ organizations and the private security guards’ unions. It’s the first strike in Norway since the Corona crisis set in last spring, and comes at a time when many guards are already laid off. Their unions, however, couldn’t […]

Nurses want more than applause

Norwegian nurses been flattered by applause from the public, praise in the media and even a video greeting of gratitude last week from Queen Sonja. That doesn’t pay the rent, though, and Norway’s national nurses’ union isn’t ruling out a strike this fall if their pay growth declines. “We expect a wage settlement that reflects […]

New strike threat looms at SAS

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) is facing more turbulence this spring, just a year after striking pilots grounded most all flights in and out of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Now it’s SAS’ flight attendants who want more predictable work schedules and higher pay, and their current contract expires on March 31. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) warned its […]

Next train strike to threaten rush hour

Angry Norwegian railroad workers are threatening to halt Norway’s trains once again, if the government doesn’t postpone implementation of the latest package of EU rail directives. Now the striking workers aim to halt trains in the middle of an afternoon commuter rush period. A two-hour political strike last week halted trains all over the country, […]

Political strike halts trains nationwide

Railway employees all over Norway walked off the job for two hours on Thursday, to protest implementation of the latest package of EU rules and requirements. The strike not only brought all train traffic to a standstill but was also expected to lead to cancellations and delays throughout the day. Members of employees’ organizations Norsk Lokomotiv-mannsforbund […]

Low-paid hospital staff go out on strike

Mediation broke down during the night between hospital administrators and unions representing mostly non-medical hospital personnel who’ve been seeking better pensions. The unions thus pulled nearly 500 hospital workers out on strike from Wednesday morning. “We think it’s bloody unfair that the lowest-paid personnel in (Norwegian state-run) hospitals aren’t able to get pension benefits based […]

Teachers’ strikes averted, another launched

UPDATED: All-night negotiations led to a settlement between 21 Norwegian municipalities and their teachers on Friday. A strike threat among state employees and teachers at high schools and colleges was also later averted, but 140 employees of the City of Oslo were called off the job Friday morning. Striking workers at Oslo City Hall include […]