Striking doctors ordered back to work

The Norwegian government ordered doctors back to work on Sunday, just before a strike by 23 doctors in emergency clinics around the country was about to expand and enter its second week. Some small communities could have been left without local medical care if the strike had continued, claimed government minister Henrik Asheim. He admitted […]

Doctors’ strike set to expand

A strike that’s pulled 23 public sector doctors off the job in Bergen, Tromsø, Narvik, Stavanger and Trondheim will expand from Monday, if local municipal employers don’t stop ordering them to work extra shifts at emergency centers in addition to their full-time jobs as primary physicians.  Another 12 doctors will join the strike in seven […]

Oil and gas to flow after strike ended

Norway’s giant offshore oil field Johan Sverdrup narrowly avoided having to shut down production after mediation ended a 10-day strike by offshore workers just before the weekend. The strike had been set to expand, threatening Sverdrup’s production in addition to that on six other platforms. Nearly a quarter of all total oil and gas production […]

Strike cuts 8% of offshore production

A strike by some workers on Norway’s offshore oil and gas platforms expanded on Monday, prompting state oil company Equinor to start shutting down production on four fields that it operates on the Norwegian continental shelf. Two more platforms are also affected, cutting Norway’s production of oil equivalents by around 8 percent and pumping less […]

Oil workers’ strike spreads

Labour organization Lederne has announced plans to expand a strike called among offshore oil workers to four more platforms in the North Sea. Another 126 members will be pulled off their jobs on Sunday if there’s no settlement by then. More than 40 members on Equinor’s large Johan Sverdrup platform went on strike Wednesday, in […]

Strike over, buses roll from noon

Norway’s 10-day-long bus strike ended Thursday morning, after an all-night bargaining session during which the bus companies doubled their original offer. That addressed the bus drivers’ longstanding demands for higher pay, and buses were set to begin rolling again from noon. Leaders of all four trade union federations were mostly satisfied, and they thanked the […]

Mediation resumed in bus strike

Trade union federations representing striking bus drivers nationwide met with Norway’s national mediator on Wednesday after he’d also called in the bus drivers’ employers’ organization. The media outlet FriFagbevegelse that specializes in labour news reported that mediation resumed after the employers presented a new offer. That raised hopes for a possible settlement that could end […]

Equinor challenged on several fronts

Norway’s state oil and energy company Equinor has literally had to put out lots of fires this week, just after it had to own up to huge losses on its US operations and shut down its office in Austin, Texas. Equinor’s former CEO who led the company into now-troubled operations, however, is earning more money […]

Mediator seeks bus strike settlement

State Mediator Mats Ruland has called in all parties involved in Norway’s nationwide bus strike to a meeting on Wednesday. Ruland hopes to spark dialogue between the unions and the bus operators’ national employers’ organization. Ruland told state broadcaster NRK that Norway’s rising Corona infection rates are among the reasons he wants to try getting […]

Passengers adapt to the bus strike

Local government and business officials were braced for traffic chaos on Monday, after a bus strike that began in Oslo expanded nationwide. Passengers found other ways of getting around, however, with no strike settlement in sight. A total of 8,500 bus drivers are now on strike in all but two counties of Norway. Bus commuters […]