Warm weather set new summer record

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The Norwegian capital of Oslo has never counted so many days with temperatures of more than 20C (nearly 70F) than it did this summer. It could boast 79 official “summer days” in June, July and August, breaking the last record set in 2006, four full days before August will be over.

With the warm weather continuing into this week, there’s no question that Oslo has had its warmest overall summer in 15 years. State meteorologists predicted daytime highs of more than 20C into the first few days of September, even as geese could already be seen flying southwards in formation on Monday, and some leaves are beginning to turn yellow, orange and red.

The fair weather has a downside, though, with warnings up for forest fires because of unusually dry conditions after a period of little if any rain. The warnings apply for most all of Southern Norway including the forests surrounding Oslo.

newsinenglish.no staff