Labour calls for new electric car tax

Norway has long promoted the sale of electric cars with lots of tax incentives. Now the Labour Party thinks wealthy buyers who’ve latched on to the most expensive electric car (el-bil) models have enjoyed enough tax advantages, and wants to impose new taxes on those costing more than NOK 600,000 (USD 67,000). That would boost […]

Tax lists grab less attention

Norway’s state tax authority (Skatteetaten) made its tax lists public again this week, displaying the taxable income and net worth of all Norwegian taxpayers plus how much tax they actually paid last year. There was less media hype, however, now that most have realized how the numbers can be deceiving. Income figures, for example, are […]

State won’t reel in fish-farming tax

A Norwegian professor hooked a new proposal this week to more heavily tax the country’s highly lucrative fish-farming operations. Norway’s conservative government and a majority in Parliament seem unlikely to reel it in but debate was flying, even before wealthy and indignant salmon producers dismissed higher taxes as “a Russian solution” fueled by envy. Quickly […]

Festival aims to light up autumn darkness

The City of Oslo is spending NOK 2 million (USD 222,000) on artistic lighting exhibits from around Europe this coming weekend. Billed as a “free” event for the public, it’s officially meant to help light up the darkness that’s now setting in earlier after daylight savings time ended during the weekend. It’s questionable whether the […]

Greens strengthen their grip on Oslo

Vegetarian food in the schools and higher road tolls loom in the Norwegian  capital, after the Greens Party could and did demand more power within Oslo’s new city government. The coalition made up of the Greens, Labour and the Socialist Left (SV) parties remains the same, but Labour lost some of its dominance. “Green politics […]

Tax cuts, defense among priorities

While economists were generally praising the Norwegian government’s proposed state budget for 2020 on Monday, debate was already flying over how the conservative coalition plans to spend taxpayers’ money. Here’s a rundown of some of the budget’s key priorities and provisions. They’re driven by a state government attempt to lower taxes for a majority of […]

Shopping in Sweden sets a new record

Many Norwegians are likely to be driving over the border to Sweden again this weekend to do their grocery shopping and stock up on items that are much cheaper than at home. Cross-border trade just set another new record and there’s no sign of decline. State statistics bureau SSB (Statistics Norway) reports that Norwegians have spent […]

Election campaign off to a noisy start

NEWS ANALYSIS: Norway’s normally polite politicians were all but shrieking at one another during state broadcaster NRK’s nationally televised party leader debate Monday night. It got the campaign leading up to next month’s local elections off to an unusually noisy start, with road tolls and property tax still emerging as the most heated issues. Sparks […]

Oslo set to refund some property tax

The City of Oslo, which lost a key portion of a lawsuit filed by more than 1,000 property tax payers, is now poised to refund NOK 388 million to 55,000 of its residents. Officials promise no city services will be cut in return. The Labour Party-led city government in Oslo was simply too quick to […]

Catholics must pay for fraud

Norway’s Supreme Court has refused to hear another appeal from the Catholic Church in Oslo, which was accused of fraudulently inflating membership numbers in order to receive more state funding. That means the Catholics must refund around NOK 100 million in taxpayer support. Norwegian taxpayers provide financial support to all religious groups based on membership […]