Millions can expect tax refunds

Norwegians have been receiving their tax returns for 2018 from Norway’s state tax agency (Skatteetaten) in the past fews days, most of them already filled in since employers, financial institutions and organizations all send individuals’ payments and deductions directly to the agency. If no changes are necessary, Norwegians can simply approve them, with most able […]

Electric cars claim more than half the market

Electric car sales in Norway accounted for 58.4 percent of the market in March, thus claiming more than half of all car sales for the first time ever. Norway has long led the pack in so-called el-bil popularity but now the numbers are being branded as “historic.” Major tax incentives have been behind the acceleration […]

‘Facebook, Google undermine tax system’

Norwegian tax director Hans Christian Holte fears for the global tax system, when major players like Facebook, Google and Amazon can legally avoid taxation where they operate. He’s demanding new regulations that would force the social media giants to pay up. “We are most concerned about securing confidence in the tax system,” Holte told state […]

Government fends off new tax ‘chaos’

Norway’s newly expanded majority government came under fire right away in Parliament this week. Finance Minister Siv Jensen had to fend off a barrage of questions and criticism regarding the “chaos” that’s emerged over how job benefits now must be accounted for, and taxed. It’s not a position Jensen would have expected to find herself […]

Opposition parties keen to raise taxes

As the state budget dust settles on the conservative side of Norwegian politics, every single party on the left side is proposing budgets that contain billions of kroner in higher taxes. That’s not as controversial in Norway as in many other countries, but highlights clearer differences among the eight parties in Parliament, and clearer choices […]

Violin sale led to big tax bill

It was no surprise that Norwegian performing artists like Kygo, Alan Walker and members of the legendary band a-ha would show up on the latest tax lists with substantial fortunes. The biggest fortune of them all, however, was held by 81-year-old violinist Arve Tellefsen. “I sold my violin for 80 million kroner,” Tellefsen explained to […]

Tax lists released, but can mislead

Norwegian authorities made the country’s tax lists publicly available and searchable once again on Wednesday. The lists reveal taxable income and net worth for everyone obligated to file tax returns in Norway, and show how much tax each individual actually paid for calendar year 2017, but the figures don’t necessarily reflect actual wealth or annual […]

Norway cut losses in tax evasion scam

Investors and banks reportedly have managed for years to avoid paying tax on dividends in several European countries including Norway. The alleged swindle could have cost Norwegian taxpayers alone as much as NOK 350 million. An investigation conducted by cooperating European media revealed on Thursday that the alleged swindle may have cost several European countries’ […]

Widerøe threatens route cancellations

The Norwegian airline serving small airports around the country claims that a new airline passenger tax can result in major cuts in service to outlying areas. It’s threatening that routes in Finnmark and along the West Coast can be especially affected. The government’s recently proposed state budget includes new methods of calculating the tax that’s […]

State budget’s everyday effects

Details of the government’s state budget proposal this week will have an effect on the everyday lives of most Norwegians if they win majority support in Parliament. Here’s a rundown of some of the highlights: There won’t be any increase in Norway’s 25 percent VAT (called moms in Norwegian) but there will be some slight […]