Telenor caught in Myanmar dilemma

Norwegian telecoms firm Telenor wanted to be a major player in what was hoped to finally become a democratic Myanmar. Now it’s caught in the nightmare that has followed last winter’s military coup in the former Burma, and the country’s subsequent return to brutal dictatorship. The Norwegian government, which still holds a majority stake in […]

Telenor’s Myanmar sale ‘very difficult’

Sigve Brekke, chief executive at the large Norwegian telecoms firm Telenor, has been part of its efforts to bring modern communications to Myanmar (and make money doing so) since the country seemed to be emerging from decades of military dictatorship. After months of a brutal and authoritarian backlash, during which the military has been killing […]

More drama for Telenor in Myanmar

UPDATED: Norwegian telecoms firm Telenor is caught squarely in the middle of this week’s military coup in Myanmar, where it’s one of the the country’s largest mobile phone operators. On Saturday it was once again ordered to shut down its communications network, in what Telenor CEO Sigve Brekke has called a “step backward” in the […]

Internet put to the test, too

Norwegian telecoms firm Telenor, which controls much of Norway’s communications infrastructure, had to admit on Friday that online services were a bit slower than usual. With so many Norwegians working from home as part of efforts to control the Corona virus, and following news media closely, demands on the internet were high and pages could […]

Ericsson wins over Huawei in Norway

Telenor, Norway’s largely state-owned telecoms firm, finally announced its choice for building out its 5G network in its home market, and it’s not China’s controversial technology giant Huawei. In choosing Sweden’s Ericsson instead, Telenor has clearly paid attention not only to security concerns but political as well. Huawei, which now ranks as the world’s largest […]

Norway’s PST warns against Huawei

Norway’s police intelligence agency PST has joined a growing list of counterparts in other countries that are urging caution in doing business with the Chinese telecoms firm Huawei. In its annual threat evaluation on Monday, PST pointed to China and Russia as posing the greatest cyber threats, and asked authorities to keep an eye on […]

NATO exercise can jam DAB, mobile phones

This fall’s massive NATO exercise in Norway known as Trident Juncture can interfere with both mobile phone and DAB radio signals. It’s unclear whether the country’s communications network will meet the demands placed on it. The NATO exercise will involve 40,000 soldiers from all 29 NATO countries plus Sweden and Finland. Norwegian defense officials have […]

Telenor boss targets Svendsen

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported on Tuesday that the chief executive of Telenor, Sigve Brekke, has tried to squeeze out the company’s lone woman in top management, Berit Svendsen. Several sources told NRK that Svendsen is now fighting to hang on to her post as head of Telenor’s Scandinavian operations. Svendsen, age 55, was a top […]

Huge Telia deal didn’t surprise rival Telenor

The chief executive of Norwegian telecoms firm Telenor claimed it was “no surprise at all” that Telia of Sweden has agreed to pay around NOK 21 billion (USD 2.6 billion) for Norway’s cable and broadband company Get TDC Norge. The deal, subject to regulatory approval, will make Telia the country’s second-biggest company selling TV, broadband […]

Telenor hit with enormous fine

Norway’s top state competition regulator slapped leading telecoms firm Telenor, which remains majority-owned by the Norwegian state, with a fine of NOK 788 million (USD 97 million) on Thursday. The authorities claim Telenor abused its market power by preventing competitors from establishing a third mobile phone network in Norway. Telenor disagrees and is expected to […]