Oslo politician wants to lower speed limit

Oslo’s controversial politician in charge of environmental and transport issues is continuing her drive to tax motorists, this time targeting their patience instead of their wallets. Lan Marie Berg of the Greens Party wants to roll back the speed limit on all city streets to just 30kph (18mph). “The lower speed limit will make the […]

Road toll plazas vandalized

Three of the new toll plazas set to open around the Stavanger area on Monday were out of order, following severe vandalism during the weekend. Opposition to new and much higher tolls from October 1 has been strong, and police reported a “systematic and organized” pattern to the vandalism that came just a day before […]

Oslo residents love their trams

Even though they can occasionally get stuck in traffic and are restricted to rails, an overwhelming majority of Oslo residents love their trams known as trikken. The system is now being expanded and all its older trams will eventually be replaced. A new survey conducted by research firm Kandar/TNS for the public transit agency Sporveien […]

State sympathetic to road toll fury

New Transport Minister Jon Georg Dale summoned all local mayors in the Stavanger area to an emergency meeting on Monday, to address an uproar among motorists against more and higher road tolls from October 1. He’s open to changes in the new “toll ring” around the area, but local mayors weren’t entirely agreeable. Dale, who […]

Road toll uproar rolled into Oslo

UPDATED: Hundreds of motorists in the Oslo area drove very slowly on the main E18 highway into the Norwegian capital Thursday evening, part of another protest against more and higher road tolls. Their demonstration was the latest grass-roots effort to literally set up roadblocks to another increase in Norway’s already high cost of driving. “We’ve […]

Two ministers leave the government

Transport Minister Ketil Solvik-Olsen confirmed on Thursday that he’s steering a new course, and resigning after five years as one of the Progress Party’s most popular top government officials. More ministerial changes are due to be formalized at the weekly Council of State on Friday. Newspaper Dagbladet reported that Solvik-Olsen is stepping down as transport […]

Road toll tensions high in Stavanger

Tensions are so high over much higher road tolls in the Stavanger area that local authorities feel compelled to call in police, to provide protection at public meetings. More noisy protests were being held this week. Demonstrators turned their backs on an appeal from one local mayor, while the mayor of Stavanger claims the protests […]

Road toll revolt rolls over Rogaland

“Folks aren’t only angry, they’re really, really furious,” one of the many Rogaland County residents who live in and around Stavanger fumed this week. He vented his own anger just before thousands protesting a huge hike in road tolls took to the streets on Wednesday evening. They’re demanding a halt to the new tolls that will […]

Data trouble halted Oslo’s metro system

After standing still for around two hours Wednesday morning, the Oslo area’s sprawling metro system (T-bane) finally began rolling around 11am but trouble remained and delays continued. Metro officials at operating agency Sporveien claimed there was no indication the system was hit by a cyber attack. “There’s nothing suggesting that now,” Sporveien spokesman Cato Asperud […]

Oslo orders trams for next 40 years

Oslo rolled out plans for its next generation of trams this week, amidst claims that trams are part of the city’s identity. The electrified system of getting around is driven, claims one economist, by pure city patriotism. Oslo has had electric trollies since they were invented as a replacement for the old horse-drawn carriages that […]