Climate concerns don’t halt travel

Millions of Norwegians are officially off for Norway’s long five-day Easter holiday weekend that began on Thursday, with more than half of them out travelling within the country or heading abroad. There’s little sign they’re sacrificing holiday travel out of concern for the climate or the carbon emissions that flying and driving can generate. Oslo’s […]

Ministry urges all travelers to register

Norway’s foreign ministry wants to know where Norwegians are when disaster hits. It’s now urging all Norwegian citizens to register their travel with the ministry, claiming that will make it much easier for them to be contacted and receive Norwegian consular help and advisories if needed. “In the event something serious happens in the country […]

More long lines at passport control

Norwegians taking off on summer holidays and tourists heading for home once again faced long lines at passport control at Oslo’s main airport, OSL Gardermoen, Tuesday morning. It was another reminder that it can still be necessary for those traveling out of the EU’s Schengen area to get to the airport early. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) […]

More Norwegians out traveling

Nearly four out of five Norwegians have been taking off on summer holidays this year, with Crete, Mallorca, Rhodes, Split in Croatia and Cyprus emerging as their top destinations. A survey conducted by employers’ organization Virke also showed that 57 percent planned to spend holiday time abroad. There also was an increase in the numbers of Norwegians […]

‘God påske’ weekend to all our readers

Norway’s annual “Easter Exodus” is underway, with new figures showing that nearly half the country’s entire population planned to take time off for a spring vacation combined with the Easter holidays. Many Norwegians still head for the mountains for traditional spring skiing holidays, while increasing numbers travel within the country or go abroad. Norway officially observes more […]

Five pregnant women infected with zika virus

A total of five pregnant women in Norway have now tested postive for the zika virus, which can cause birth defects. Local doctors still aren’t sure, though, whether the women were infected after they became pregnant or before. “The pregnant women who have tested postive will be examined to find out if they were infected […]

Pregnant women can cancel trips to ‘zika’ countries

Norwegian tour operators are allowing pregnant women to cancel or re-book trips, free of charge, to countries plagued by the new zika virus. Both Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) and Norwegian Air are offering the same. “We of course don’t want anyone to be afraid to travel on holiday with us,” Beatriz Rivera, PR and communications chief for […]

Norwegian tourists still flock to Greece

The Greek debt crisis isn’t scaring off sun-hungry Norwegian tourists. They’re more worried about a cold and wet summer at home and are flocking to Greece like never before, likely armed with some extra cash. The runs on Greek banks in recent days have set off warnings that it may be difficult to withdraw cash from […]

OSL seeks to speed US-bound travel

Oslo’s main airport at Gardermoen (OSL) is trying to become the third in Europe to let US-bound passengers clear US customs and immigration procedures before they even take off. By becoming a so-called “pre-clearance” airport, passengers can avoid standing in long lines upon arrival at US airports. Passengers will still have to go through the full screening […]

Number of flying commuters soars

More Norwegians are flying back to forth to their jobs than ever before. Low fares and high income are behind a steep rise in commuting on airlines instead of the local train, tram or bus, much to the despair of those worried about climate change. Avinor, the state-owned agency in charge of Norway’s airports, reports that the number of airline […]