Unemployment declines, but fewer working

Both Norway’s employers’ organization NHO and its largest trade union confederation LO are warning against getting too optimistic about the decline in unemployment. A downturn in new job creation means overall employment is down as well. “These numbers can look good,” Øystein Dørum, chief economist at NHO, told news burean ANB after the latest unemployment […]

Unemployment rate declines

Norway’s state statistics bureau SSB (Statistics Norway) has reported that unemployment declined on a national basis in December to 4.4 percent. That’s down from 4.7 percent in September, and DNB Markets said it was “unexpected.” DNB’s analysts had predicted that unemployment would remain steady at 4.7 percent but cautioned that the labour market remains weak. […]

Telenor, Statkraft cut hundreds of jobs

Norwegian power company Statkraft and state-controlled telecoms firm Telenor announced more major jobs cuts on Thursday. At Telenor, the cuts were blamed on the ongoing shift to new technology. That’s what’s often leading to job losses these days, as opposed to trade issues and cheaper overseas production. The new job cuts come just a day after […]

Rolls-Royce cutting staff again

Rolls-Royce’s marine division in Norway has offered all 1,650 of its employees severance pay packages if they volunteer to give up their jobs. It’s the first step in efforts to cut staffing because of poor market prospects. “We don’t see any immediate improvement in the market now,” Rolls-Royce’s resturcturing director, Jan Petter Hagen, told newspaper […]

Media crisis hits TV2 hard

Norway’s national commercial television channel, TV2, is facing what’s being called the largest round of layoffs to ever hit a Norwegian media company. Legal challenges have warded off some, but nearly 200 journalists and other staffers are losing their jobs as TV2 aims to save NOK 350 million by 2020. The crisis peaked last week, […]

Aker Solutions cuts more jobs

Oslo-based Aker Solutions, hit hard by the slowdown in the oil and offshore industry, has announced a need to cut as many as 650 more jobs, 270 of them in Norway. Employees were informed of the looming cuts this week following a lack of new orders. Aker confirmed to newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) that the cuts […]

Statoil ‘finished’ with job-cutting

Norway’s biggest company, Statoil, started off the New Year with some good news for employees: Management has decided it’s “reached its goal” for staff reductions, and will likely stop cutting more jobs. The cost- and job-cutting began in 2012, even before oil prices collapsed in 2014. Today Statoil has around 5,000 fewer employees than it did five years […]

Norway ‘rigged for an economic upturn’

Oil prices will rise, Norway’s krone will regain strength, unemployment will top out and housing prices will shoot up even higher. That’s the overall outlook for 2017 by 30 leading Norwegian economists, who think workers and employees can probably expect a better year ahead. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) published results on Tuesday of a survey in which the economists […]

MPs shamed into reversal on pay

Members of Parliament (MPs) who initially voted in favour of a proposed doubling of their severance pay benefits have been so embarrassed by public reaction that they and all the political parties involved are reversing their positions. Things got worse when a Labour Party spokesman refused to answer questions about it during a live radio broadcast. […]

MPs won benefits after losing election

It’s not always easy for top politicians to return to the ordinary working world after losing an election. Fully 21 former Members of Parliament claimed severance pay benefits after losing their seats in Stortinget in the last election in 2013, some of them for a full year when they failed to find new work. With […]