Labour youth open AUF summer camp

Around 800 young members of Norway’s Labour Party are reconvening this week for their annual summer camp that was the target of a lone terrorist three years ago. They’re gathering again at Gulsrud on the Tyrifjord, not far from the island of Utøya where the terrorist unleashed his massacre, with a program aimed at both moving forward and […]

Time to talk about Breivik’s hatred

With the third anniversary of Norway’s July 22 terror attacks in 2011 on the horizon, Labour Party (Arbeiderpartiet, Ap) Secretary Raymond Johansen worries there’s been a part of the debate left untouched. Johansen told a local magazine this week that the party did not want to be accused of politically capitalizing on the attacks, but it was time to discuss […]

Terror support has fallen away

The leader of a national support group for survivors of the July 22, 2011 terror attacks criticized the lack of help available less than three years after 77 people were killed and 90 more were wounded. Trond Henry Blattmann claimed on Wednesday that most of the follow-up measures designed to monitor victims’ recovery had already […]

Neighbors moved Utøya memorial

Neighbors living across the water from the island of Utøya, site of the July 22 massacre in 2011, have suddenly moved the temporary memorial site honouring massacre victims that spontaneously had sprung up in their community. The move comes amidst their heated objections to plans for a permanent memorial site on the island itself. Norwegian […]

Utøya memorial postponed

It was meant to heal and unify Norwegians, not divide them. Instead, the construction of a memorial to the victims of a massacre on the island of Utøya will now be postponed at least a year, to allow for more time to try to settle neighbours’ objections to it. Government officials still want the memorial […]

Utøya victim fights for compensation

A man in his 20s who was shot several times during the July 22, 2011 terror attacks on Utøya has appealed a decision by the Office of Criminal Injuries Compensation (Kontoret for voldsoffererstatning), after he was awarded one-fifth of the amount he applied for. The office has paid out more than NOK 263 million (USD […]

Utøya families feel they’ve been heard

Families and neighbours who were affected by the July 22, 2011 terror attacks on the island of Utøya emerged happy from a meeting with authorities on Friday evening. The crisis meeting was called to deal with growing concerns and the threat of legal action over plans for a memorial on the island where 69 members […]

Crisis meeting on Utøya memorial

The Norwegian government called a crisis meeting on Thursday with  residents neighbouring the island of Utøya, where Anders Behring Breivik shot and killed 69 people on July 22, 2011. The residents have threatened court action to block a memorial selected for the island, arguing its plan to remove a slice of land is too visible […]

Millions in terror compensation paid out

Nearly all the survivors of the July 22, 2011 terror attacks have now received entitlements for the trauma they suffered. 2013 saw the highest amount of criminal injury compensation payments in Norwegian history, with more than NOK 500 million (USD 81.3 million) distributed. “The huge sum is primarily due to the processing of cases after […]

July 22 memorials held nationwide

Memorials were being held all over Norway on Monday as state and community leaders lent support to survivors of the terrorist attacks of July 22, 2011. Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, who had a full schedule of appearances on the second anniversary of the attacks on his government, said he thinks such memorials will continue, in […]