Archaeologists unearth Viking age temple

Archaeologists from the University Museum in Bergen have found traces of a heathen temple used for worshipping old Norse gods such as Odin and Tor. It’s the first such temple ever found in Norway, and probably stems from the early Viking Age. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that concrete traces after the temple were found near […]

Viking grave found during remodeling

A young couple fixing up an old house at Selvåg in Bodø, Northern Norway, spotted a glass bead and then an ancient axe after they’d torn up the ground floor and removed masses of sand to improve insulation. They called local authorities, who confirm the house must have been built over a Viking grave. The […]

Fourth Viking ship called ‘sensational’

Archaeologists have uncovered the remains of a Viking ship, burial mounds and Iron Age homes right next to the busy E6 freeway near Halden in southeast Norway. The discovery is already being hailed as “sensational.” Although the Vikings are known to have been active seafarers and also brought their ships on shore to use as […]

Tyldum tapped for new Viking series

Morten Tyldum, one of Norway’s most successful film directors, has signed a deal with Paramount Pictures to create a major TV series based on a Viking saga. He wants to film it in Norway, but worries that costs may be too high, while other countries have much better incentive programs for film projects. The series […]

Museum launches search for stolen Viking jewelry

The University of Bergen’s Historisk Museum has posted photos online of some of an estimated 400 items stolen from its storage rooms earlier this month. They’re calling it a “professional” heist in which thieves climbed up scaffolding and broke a window leading into the building’s seventh floor. Museum officials were at first unsure about what had been […]

Archaeologists confirm a saga

Excavations in Trondheim of a well from the 1100s have allowed archaeologists to confirm the story behind a saga from the time. Excavation leader Anna Petersén of the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research (NIKU) says she’s overwhelmed by what she and her team have found. “In all my years in archaeology, this is one […]

Vikings were relatively well-groomed

New research indicates that Vikings from Norway, Sweden and Denmark paid more attention to their appearance and were better groomed than their rumours may have implied. Long hair, a long beard and a frightening countenance have formed the image of invading Vikings. “They are the dirtiest of God’s creations,” wrote Arab author Ibn Fadlan after traveling […]

Archaeologists to dig into Oslo garden

Norwegian archaeologists think that treasures from the Iron Age and the Viking Age may be lying under the grass of a residential neighborhood in Oslo. They’re about to start digging, into what may be an intact Iron Age grave in the midst of stately old homes at Ullevål Hageby. The leafy Ullevål Hageby neighborhood is one […]

Viking craze hits ‘net, film and books

Vikings are no longer a cause of fear and loathing but instead have become rather trendy and “super pop,” according to a recent rush of coverage in Norwegian media. Vikings are starring in books, TV shows, film and now a website that’s collecting all the buzz. Called “The Happy Viking,” the website describes itself as […]

Viking sword found in Telemark

A farmer at Hjuksebø in the county of Telemark says it was just a matter of luck and coincidence that he hadn’t destroyed a Viking sword with his plowing over the years. The sword was found just before the weekend at his lakefront farm south of the city of Notodden. Local newspaper Telen reported that […]