Vikings revered Stone Age objects

New archaeological findings suggest that the Vikings considered Stone Age objects to have magical qualities, and that such “antiques” were more important in Viking culture than previously understood. Examinations of around 10 Viking graves found in Rogaland, southwest Norway, revealed Stone Age items, such as weapons, amulets and tools. Olle Hemdorff of the Archaelogical Museum […]

Vikings advanced in jewelry design

Not only did the Vikings build legendary vessels and extraordinary wood carvings for their time, they also were highly advanced in their design and production of jewelry. A doctoral candidate at the University of Oslo who was defending her thesis this week has (literally) unearthed evidence of large-scale jewelry production in the Viking town of […]

Vikings were terrorists of their time

One of the world’s leading experts on Scandinavian history now believes that the Vikings had motives similar to those of today’s terrorists. Robert Ferguson, who emigrated to Norway in 1984, is launching a new theory that Viking raids were a reaction to threats to their identity, culture and beliefs. Ferguson addresses the terrorist issue in […]