Labour keen to shoot more wolves

Norway’s Labour Party is drawing fire over a controversial new proposal to make it easier to shoot more wolves in Norway. As the wolf population grows, to the relief of conservationists, Labour is scaring former environmental allies with what it claims is merely an attempt to reduce high conflict levels. There are now somewhere between […]

Warnings fly over aggressive seagulls

It’s that time of year again, when residents and tourists alike enjoy eating and drinking outdoors when the summer weather is good. Suddenly, however, their food can literally be snatched out of their hands or off their plates by hungry and aggressive seagulls. Norwegians call it måketerror (gull terror), and it’s long prompted kiosks and outdoor […]

Bossy swan put to death

UPDATED: An aggressive swan that attacked a little girl at a harbour in Western Norway earlier this summer has been put to death. Newspaper VG reported Thursday morning that local authorities acted after the swan went on the attack once again, but now the local politicians in charge are facing death threats as well. The male swan had been […]

Aggressive swan wins a reprieve

An aggressive swan that attacked a little girl earlier this summer may not be put to death after all. Local officials in Os on Norway’s West Coast, where the swan views the harbour area as its territory, may opt to move the entire swan family somewhere else in the country. The swan grabbed headlines in June after […]

Arctic birds star in slow-TV ‘cliffhanger’

A remarkable Norwegian island where tens of thousands of sea birds nest every year will be the location of the latest “slow TV” project from Norway’s state broadcaster, NRK. It will be a real “cliffhanger” of sorts, from an area that birdwatchers visit from all over the world. The island is called Hornøya, and it’s located just a […]