Winter returned with a vengeance

A long stretch of springlike weather in southern Norway ended abruptly this week with snowstorms and strong winds, followed by rain at lower elevations. As much as 50 centimeters of snow fell in some areas, setting off all kinds of accidents, especially in the southeast. “It’s been hectic,” operations leader Terje Skaftnes of the eastern […]

February freeze turns expensive

Norway’s already record-high electricity rates rose even higher this week as thermometers fell all over the country. Hardly any temperatures above the freezing point have been recorded in recent days, making the winter wonderland not so wonderful after all. Skiers and skaters have been out enjoying one of the coldest winters in years. Some can’t […]

Cyclists equip themselves for winter

Avid cyclists in the Oslo area won’t let winter’s snow or ice slow them down. Nearly 3,000 of them have applied for financial incentives from the city to shift over to winter bike tires, so they can keep cycling to get around town over the next several months. “Oslo is really in a cycling boom,” […]

Storms stirred up lots of trouble

Strong winds, lots of snow and slick roads have caused problems all over Trøndelag and along the West Coast, and sent unusually warm temperatures plummeting. Trucks overturned several places and one even slid into a man’s home office in Malvik. As much as 40 centimeters of snow fell in the mountains, especially in Møre og […]

‘Think Norwegian’ this Corona winter

Mornings have become dark, the days are noticeably much shorter and snow started falling even in Southern Norway on Tuesday. Winter is coming, and amid all the usual reports of accidents tied to the first snow comes some news: Norwegians’ centuries-long traditions for dealing with the dark and cold time of the year may make […]

Warmest winter in 120 years

Norway’s winter of 2019-2020 has been the warmest since Norwegian officials started recording temperatures in 1900. They averaged 4.5 degrees higher than normal, and the winter was also the among the wettest ever. All regions with the exception of Northern Norway set records for winter warmth, reports news bureau NTB. The lighthouse at Ytterøyane in […]

Record-high sea levels predicted

State meteorologists were predicting record-high tides all along the Norwegian coast on Monday. Residents were being advised to secure boats, remove outdoor items that could float away and brace for flooding in cellars and basements. The high tides follow extremely stormy weather over the weekend  that disrupted road, ferry and airline traffic and caused quite […]

Storm batters coast and disrupts traffic

Strong winds battered Norway from north to south on Sunday, accompanied by rain that turned snow to treacherous ice. Damage reports were streaming in, while most mountain passes were closed and ferries cancelled. “It’s just terrible weather today,” state meteorologist Geir Ottar Fagerlid told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) as the strong winds that began during the […]

Birds intoxicated by old berries

A man in Vestby, south of Oslo, found what he thought were six ill birds in his garden last week, reports state broadcaster NRK. After he determined that they couldn’t fly, had trouble walking, lost their balance and remained lying on the ground, he collected them into a box and took them to a local […]

Mild winter cuts costs

A lack of snow and unseasonably high temperatures has dramatically cut municipal costs for municipalities and road crews in southeastern Norway. Kristiansand, for example, looks set to save around NOK 10 million (USD 1.1 million), and the savings are much more in Oslo. After newspaper Fædrelandsvennen checked the savings in Kristiansand, newspaper Dagsavisen decided to […]