Potholes threaten marching bands

Norway’s long and cold winter this year has left streets all over the country full of potholes and asphalt that’s buckled up. The situation is so bad in some places that it’s raising concerns for marching bands tuning up for parades on the 17th of May holiday. “We’re afraid some people will be injured,” Finn […]

Avalanche kills man skiing in Lofoten

A Norwegian man in his 40s was killed when he was caught in an avalanche on the steep slopes near Kleppstad at Vågan in Lofoten Sunday afternoon. Warnings had been up all week for high avalanche danger all over the country. Another man out skiing with the victim had alerted police to the avalanche around […]

Dogs accused of tormenting deer

Heavy snow in the Oslo area has prompted hungry, tired wildlife like moose and deer to wander into more open trails, trailheads and populated areas in search of food. Many have then been chased and even attacked by dogs, with some dog owners reportedly viewing that as sport. “There are some sick attitudes out there,” […]

‘Dream come true’ for Iditarod winner

Joar Leifseth Ulsom, a 31-year-old musher from Mo i Rana in Northern Norway, was awash in congratulatory messages from back home after he won the famed Iditarod sled dog race in Alaska this week. He was mostly giving credit to his four-legged friends. “It’s quite unbelievable that we managed this, it’s out of this world,” […]

‘Kollen’ shame hurts Olympic hopes

Norway’s biggest annual winter sports weekend ended with Norwegians winning most everything, but leaving them stunned and shamed by drunk- and disorderly conduct among spectators. Athletes’ hopes of another Winter Olympics (OL) in Norway were quickly put on ice, at least temporarily. The chaos that spoiled the Holmenkollen Ski Festival on Saturday was not reflected in […]

New warmth record in the Arctic

While mainland Norway and much of Europe have been shivering through one of the coldest winters in years, it’s been the warmest ever registered in the Arctic. There’s also never been so little ice and so much open sea. “This is just completely wild,” Mark Serreze, leader of the US’ National Snow and Ice Data […]

No signs of spring yet

State meteorologists have said that last week’s cold snap is over, but it was snowing again all day in Oslo on Monday and it will take a long time before all the snow disappears. “We’re still having real winter weather all over the country,” Eldbjørg Moxnes of the state Meteorological Insitute told newspaper Dagsavisen on […]

Freezing weather keeps firefighters busy

There’s been a rash of fires in homes all over Norway in recent days, and firefighters are blaming the onset of bitterly cold temperatures. Several of the fires have started in the chimneys of homes. More than 20 chimney fires have been reported since Wednesday afternoon, most of them in the counties of Agder, Hordaland […]

Bitter cold boosts electricity rates

Norway has long enjoyed relatively reasonable electricity rates because of its vast reserves of hydroelectric power, but they hit their highest level in more than a year this month. Bitterly cold temperatures are to blame. “When cold weather sets in, demand rises for electricity,” noted Stina Johansen of the electricity exchange NordPool. She told news […]

Siberian cold snap settles over Norway

Brrrrrrr … it’s cold out there! After years of unusually mild winters, Norwegians have been getting a solid dose of snow, ice and now subfreezing temperatures in the double digits, all the result of a cold front from Siberia that moved in over the country this week.  It’s been so long since temperatures have been […]