Beer prices hit new record

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The Norwegian tradition of sipping a beer outdoors (utepils) has become even more expensive as the high summer season begins, with beer prices setting another record in Oslo. Locals and visitors alike now need to shell out NOK 99 (USD 17) for the traditional half-liter glass of beer at two eating and drinking spots in the new waterfront complex at Tjuvholmen.

Many serving places now serve beer in slightly smaller 0.4 liter glasses, in an effort to keep the price a bit lower. Newspaper Aftenposten reported that the traditional, equivalent half-liter, though, now costs from NOK 91 to NOK 99 at popular spots at Tjuvholmen and the adjacent Aker Brygge complex of shops, restaurants, bars, offices and residences.

The serving spots blame high rental rates along the waterfront, along with Norway’s high taxes on alcoholic beverages and high prices in general. Most of the bars and restaurants have nonetheless been packed on recent sunny days, so customers seem to literally be swallowing the higher beer prices.

Alternatives exist, according to Aftenposten’s survey of beer prices around Oslo. Several bars and restaurants downtown and in the trendy Grünerløkka area sell a half-liter glass of beer for around NOK 68 (USD 11.75) and a few offer a glass of beer for around NOK 40. staff

  • Ali

    It´s a good thing that stops people from drinking too much 😉 It can´t be healthy that young people, because of extreme alcohol prices at most venues, meet to get appallingly drunk BEFORE they go out……oh dear. Has the Norwegian government ever considered that extreme alcohol prices and restrictions in Norway are actually creating a country full of binge and problem drinkers? I have suggested this to Norwegians many times, but they just look at me blankly. Am I the only person who thinks this?!