It had to come: A dictionary of drunkenness

There are at least 330 words in the Norwegian language that describe the state of being drunk. Documentation of this sobering fact has just been released in the form of Norway’s first dictionary of synonyms for drunkenness, Norsk fylleordbok. It’s authored by  Ole Marius Hylland, a culture historian at Telemarksforskning, a Norwegian research institute. If […]

Business booms at Vinmonopolet

After cross-border shopping in Sweden, tax-free stores and local bars and restaurants were all shut down in the Corona crisis, Norwegians have been flocking to the state-controlled wine and liquor chain Vinmonopolet. Business is so strong that customers often have to line up to enter in controlled allotments. State broadcaster NRK reported Friday that sales […]

Wine carton ban raised a flap

Norway’s state health directorate wants to ban the sale of wine in large three-liter cartons, claiming they lead to higher alcohol consumption. Protests were loud and swift, with the government now likely to cork the authorities’ plans before they go much further. They didn’t get very far last week, after public health director Linda Granlund […]

White wine flowed in the summer heat

For the first time ever, Norwegians drank more white wine than red wine in July. Red wine has always dominated the market in Norway, but this summer’s record high temperatures for weeks on end clearly led to a change in preferences. The numbers presented by state wine monopoly (Vinmonopolet) that controls and distributes retail sales […]

Brewery forced to halt production

Norway’s historic family-owned brewery Aass in Drammen has run out of the liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) it needs to produce beer and other carbonated soft drinks. Several other breweries are also running short because of a shortage in Northern Europe of the ingredient that makes drinks bubbly. Petter Nome, head of Norway’s trade association for […]

Conservatives ban the ‘nachspiel’

Norway’s Conservative Party is holding its annual national meeting (landsmøte) this weekend, without one potentially troublesome feature: the notorious nachspiel. They’re the late-night parties-after-the-party, and the Conservatives have found it necessary to crack down on them. They’ll also be serving less alcoholic beverages during the weekend, when around 700 party members are gathered at a […]

Holmenkollen to fend off more ‘fylla’

UPDATED: More crowds and sports fans headed up to Holmenkollen in Oslo over the weekend, for World Cup biathlon competition. Organizers promised that they would not be subjected to the drunken disordliness called fylla that plagued last weekend’s World Cup ski jumping and cross-country events, and that they were “working hard” to prevent it from […]

Crowd chaos at Holmenkollen

Enormous crowds and public drunkenness created what police described as “pure chaos” at the annual Holmenkollen Ski Festival in Oslo on Saturday. Intoxicated and aggressive members of the public started fights, tore down security fences and overwhelmed the public transport system, and at least eight people were injured. “We had looked forward to a fine […]

Vinmonopolet’s Easter sales soared

Norway’s state wine and liquor monopoly Vinmonopolet registered brisk business when it opened for the first time during the long Easter holidays this year. New figures show that it sold 1,077 liters a minute on the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Vinomonopolet has always been closed on that day, wedged into the five-day Easter […]

Airport plagued by drunk passengers

Hard-drinking passengers are causing problems at the Torp Airport in Sandefjord, which offers the most routes from Norway to destinations in Eastern Europe. Police are regularly called upon to help airport officials and airlines handle unruly and drunk travelers. “We face a different drinking culture and attitudes towards what’s okay and what’s not,” Torp’s marketing chief Tine Kleive-Mathisen told […]