Imported plants to extend strawberry season

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Norwegians tend to be extremely proud of their strawberries. Growers are now armed with new options for extending the season, which usually runs through just June to July.

State broadcaster NRK reported this week that new regulations allow berry producers to import strawberry plants from the EU, making it possible to do more breeding, start production earlier and extend it by “tricking the plants into thinking it’s spring, in mid-summer,” grower Simen Myhrene told NRK.

It takes around two months from planting until berries are ripe, so berries coming from the imported plants can add to the harvest according to need. There seemed to be few concerns that the berries would come from imported plants. They’ll apparently still be grown, promoted and sold as genuine Norwegian berries (ekte norske jordbær). staff

  • Jen

    ??? will it still be the same? People buy because it is norwegian strawberry…..

    • inquisitor

      They should be marked as coming from imported plants, whomever allowed this not to be marked should be dragged from behind a car.

      • frenk

        Tough love?
        Slow news day?

  • frenk

    ‘Tricking’ soft fruit – what next….using bananas to make phone calls?