Farmers battle bird flu in Rogaland

An outbreak of bird flu at poultry farms in Rogaland was threatening thousands of chickens this week. All 35,000 chickens raised by one farmer in Klepp had to be destroyed and neighbouring farms were on guard. State authorities from the food and livestock regulator Mattilsynet were on the scene and monitoring poultry farms closely. The […]

Meat producer slashes jobs

Nortura, the Norwegian farmers’ coop that regulates the meat market, confirmed Tuesday that 147 workers will lose their jobs at meat-packing plants in Steinkjer and Stavanger. Both plants are being closed, with operations set to be merged into a new facility in Tønsberg. The 79 workers i Steinkjer in Trøndelag and 68 workers in Stavanger […]

Cattle killed farmer and his son

A 78-year-old farmer and his 52-year-old son who were moving their free-grazing livestock from one area to another Sunday evening are believed to have been attacked and killed by their own cattle. Police technicians were still trying to piece together what happened on Tuesday. The ox involved were killed on Monday. “They would have been […]

Farmers seek help to care for animals

UPDATED: Shamed Norwegian farmers and the huge meat producer and market regulator they collectively own, Nortura, now admit that far too many animals are suffering under terrible conditions in barns around the country. They’re asking for more unannounced inspections of farms raising pork by Norway’s food safety authority Mattilsynet. “It’s important for us to have […]

Horrific conditions at more pork farms

Animal rights activists have once again revealed what’s now being called “systematic failure and animal abuse” at a wide range of Norwegian pork farms. Promises from Norwegian meat producers that their animals are well-tended have not been kept, according to shocking photos and video taken at 26 farms in eight Norwegian counties and 46 municipalities. […]

Angry farmers also sow internal conflict

Norwegian farmers drove their tractors right up to the Parliament in Oslo on Tuesday, furious that the government offered them less than half the amount of taxpayer support and subsidy they’d demanded. Leaders of their own agricultural cooperatives, meanwhile, are pocketing multi-million-kroner salaries and bonuses, raising questions about internal disparity and conflict. The farmers can […]

Farmers refuse to negotiate demands

UPDATED: Negotiations between Norwegian farmers and the government for more agricultural subsidy and financial support ended before they began on Thursday. Now some angry farmers are also threatening coordinated protest action and even civil disobedience in an effort to secure more taxpayer support. Norway’s two major farm lobbying organizations, under severe pressure and criticism from […]

Farmers demand billions in support

Norwegian farmers’ two major lobbying organizations have handed over demands for NOK 2.1 billion in taxpayer support for the year ahead, spread over cost coverage, higher prices for their products and direct subsidy from the state budget. It would amount to income growth of nearly NOK 50,000 a year, more than triple what most other […]

Wolves’ fate up to the Supreme Court

Norway’s Supreme Court started hearing the state’s appeal of a rare victory for those trying to save the country’s allegedly protected wolf population from the rifles of those who feel threatened by them. Some say the court decision may change Norway’s predator policies forever, or usher in more laws against them. Ranchers, forest owners and […]

Farmer indicted for neglecting his sheep

A farmer in Målselv, Northern Norway, has been indicted and faces a court trial on several counts of violating animal welfare laws. It’s the latest case of neglect within Norway’s agriculture industry, which otherwise claims to have among the best-tended livestock in the world. Not so, given several recent cases of a neglect and abuse among […]