Two charged in weapons case

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A 37-year-old man has been charged with illegal receipt and storage of weapons in the same case as radical Islamist Arfan Bhatti, who also has been charged and held in custody since mid-May.

The 37-year-old, who runs a small messenger service in Oslo, has acknowledged having taken possession of and stored weapons that were found by police. Newspaper VG recently reported that he refuses, however, to reveal who asked him to store the weapons. He claims he received the weapons a week before he was arrested and later charged on May 15.

Police won’t say whether they suspect Bhatti was the one behind the weapons acquisition and storage request. He was arrested a day after the 37-year-old was charged, just before Norway’s 17th of May holiday when concerns of a possible terrorist attack in Oslo were running high. Bhatti was ordered held in custody after his appeal of false arrest was rejected by the Oslo appeals court, Borgarting lagmannsrett. staff

  • John Palmer

    Lock him up. Keep him locked up.

    • richard albert

      Just a note on his peer group:
      “…in the same case as radical Islamist Arfan Bhatti”

      Arfan Bhatti was born and raised in Oslo to parents of Pakistani origin.[1] He spent several years in Pakistan during his childhood in addition to attending school in Norway, but was eventually brought under the care of a child protection institution.[1] He joined the criminal youth gang Young Guns when he was thirteen years old, and when he was fifteen years old he stabbed the owner of a local store numerous times, for which he received his first criminal conviction.[1]
      In 1998 he was convicted for having shot a person as part of an extortion assignment.[1] The court psychiatrist then concluded that Bhatti had “insufficiently developed mental capacities”, and as part of later court proceedings in 2004 and in 2006 assessors concluded that he had dissocial personality disorder.[1] Bhatti resided in Pakistan in the early 2000s, during which time he was described to have become more religious and more extreme.[1] (WIKI)

      Not just dangerous, but dangerous NUTS.

      And then, there is the dangerous tendency to let psychopaths go free because they are ‘just sick’. Ted Bundy is laughing at us from the grave…