Long wait for personalized plates

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Thousands of Norwegians are eager to get personalized license plates for their cars, and government officials finally gave the green light two years ago, but highway authorities still haven’t gotten around to meeting demand.

NewspaperAftenposten reported on Tuesday that the state highway department (Vegdirektoratet) simply hasn’t made production of personalized plates a priority. “We have too many other and more important things to do,” chief engineer Ivar Fjeldberg told Aftenposten.

The issue caused some fuss back in 2007 and 2008, when then-Transport Minister Liv Signe Navarsete of the Center Party hit the brakes on personalized plates, calling them “too vain” and out of line with egalitarian Norwegian tradition. She later reversed her position, after public outcry, but there are still no personalized plates to be had.

Several thousand Norwegians who are willing to pay extra to have clever or more personal plates have formed a Facebook group to put pressure on the authorities, but it hasn’t had any impact as yet.

By Views and News staff