Divorce notice grabs attention

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For years, Norwegians have submitted birth, wedding and death notices to local newspapers, just like people in many other countries around the world. Now a couple in Stavanger is breaking new ground in Norway, publishing a “divorce notice” for the first time.

“Getting divorced is a part of life,” the new ex-wife, Anita Tajet, told newspaper Stavanger Aftenblad. “I’m not at all embarrassed about my new status.”

Tajet and her now-ex-husband Tom were formally divorced on March 9, after having been separated since December 15, 2008. On Saturday, they announced their divorce in the section of Stavanger Aftenblad usually reserved for the more traditional sorts of personal ads.

The newspaper wrote about it, news bureau NTB picked up the story, and it’s since appeared in newspapers and on websites all over the country.

Tajet seems to be taking it all in stride, saying she thinks it was “just fine” to get her divorce in print.

By Views and News staff