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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Obama banner stolen

US President Barack Obama is a popular man in Norway, but the Nobel Peace Center wishes his fans would stop stealing its banners carrying his image. For the second time, a banner hung outside the center to promote an Obama exhibition inside has disappeared.

The banner on the left of the Nobel Peace Center's entrance remains intact, but Obama's image was torn off the one on the right. PHOTO: Views and News

Newspaper Aften reports that the latest Obama image was stolen some time over the weekend. When employees arrived for work on Sunday, they discovered that one of two 10-meter-high banners advertising the exhibit “A Call to Action” had been torn off. The part missing featured Obama’s portrait.

Linda Netland of the Nobel Peace Center said another banner featuring Obama and his fellow Nobel Peace Prize winner Dr Martin Luther King was stolen just before Christmas.

The banner now missing advertised the center’s popular exhibit on Obama, which has attracted 35,000 visitors since Obama won the Peace Prize. The exhibit will close April 11, so Netland wasn’t sure the Nobel Peace Center would report the theft to the police.

“It cost us NOK 15,000 to have the banner made and hung,” she said. “People have streamed to the center, and it’s very nice that he’s so popular, but we would rather that people didn’t try to take him home.”

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