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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Cloudberry concerns crop up

It’s August, and high season for searching for the Norwegian gold that grows in the country’s marshes. Experts urge lovers of the golden cloudberries called molta to search and pick quickly now, because they’re under threat.

The golden cloudberries are popping up in and around marshes at this time of year. These were found in Nordmarka, north of Oslo. PHOTO: Views and News

The threat comes from the weather. All over Norway, and especially in Trøndelag, the berries have ripened quickly in a sudden spurt of warm weather, reports Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK).

At night, though, temperatures in some areas have been falling, in some places dangerously close to the freezing mark.

And that can ruin the berries. NRK reports that temperatures sank under the freezing point at Klinga and in Namdalen, prime berry areas.

Elsewhere, though, fans of molta (or multe depending on one’s dialect) can still hope to find the berries, which often grow close to blueberries.

Once linked mostly to northern Norway, more and more of the cloudberries have popped up in marshes in the hills around Oslo as well.

They’re prized by many as a dessert, either on their own or mixed with whipped cream in a classic dish called multekrem. Norwegians’ eagerness to pick them is often motivated not just because of a fondness for the berries but because of their price. With little if any commercial production, the cloudberries can easily command NOK 150 (nearly USD 25) for a small box.

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