Fatal accident halted Dovrebanen

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UPDATED: The railway line between Oslo and Trondheim known as Dovrebanen was halted on Wednesday after a passenger train collided with a truck on the tracks just south of Dombås. The driver of the truck was killed.

Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reports that the train was on its way to Trondheim when the collision occurred shortly after noon.

All passengers on the train were evacuated from the train and none were injured, according to railway officials.

It remained unclear why the truck reportedly was parked on the tracks when the train rolled through. Thor Erik Skarpen of the state railroad Jernbaneverket told NRK that the security barriers on either side of the tracks were in working order.

Passengers were transferred to buses for the remainder of their journey to Trondheim. The important train line remained closed through the day but reopened during the night between Dombås and Vinstra.

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