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Monday, July 22, 2024

Spooky events haunt Bergen library

Staff at the University of Bergen’s Specialsamlingene (Special Collections) have been experiencing some mighty spooky events, making some think that they’re not entirely alone even when no other colleagues are around.

“It’s as if someone is in the room together with you,” department engineer Pedro Vasquez told På Høyden, the online news service for the university.

Vasquez is among those who has had some strange stories to tell after spending time in the Special Collections. Several staff members have heard sounds and had physical experiences that are seemingly impossible in the highly secure locale.

‘Ice cold’ wind
“I was down in the cellar one day this spring to collect some books,” Vasquez said. “While I walked between the rows of book cases with my hands full of books, I suddenly felt someone blowing in my face.”

He blew hard himself to describe how it felt, except that what he felt was “ice cold. It was a feeling that someone was there with me.”

The university’s library took over the collections of the old Bergen Museum’s library, which was founded in 1825. Now speculation is flying that perhaps a former employee moved over as well.

The collections are housed under tight security, meaning that access is strictly controlled. That’s why staff members are on guard themselves when they hear strange noises or feel another presence in the room.

Flipping pages
Nils-Erik Moe-Nilssen, first secretary of the collections, told På Høyden that he was alone in the room “and knew that there shouldn’t have been anyone else there,” when he “suddenly heard someone flipping through the pages” of some large books, “just around the corner from where I was standing.”

He said there was no draught in the room “and of course there was no one there when I looked around the corner.”

Other employees describe hearing someone coughing, and that books have fallen off the shelves for seemingly no reason. Vasquez said that once he heard something fall, and was “sure I saw a head lying on the floor.” He left to find a colleague and when they returned, they found a collection of letters on the floor.

“But why would they have fallen off the shelf?” he muses.

To date, no one has actually seen any ghosts. Moe-Nilssen claims he’s not afraid to work there alone, but then adds that “just today, a book fell off the shelf, five meters from where I was. There was no reason for that to happen.”

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