Maritime Museum rescued

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A shipowner and the City of Oslo have thrown out a life preserver to the financially troubled Norwegian Maritime Museum. It won’t have to close to the public after all.

The Norwegian Maritime Museum won't be closing after all, at least not yet. PHOTO: Views and News

Kistefos AS, controlled by shipowner, businessman and investor Christen Sveaas, is offering NOK 750,000 in emergency funded, to be matched by the city, which will allow the museum to remain open with minimal staffing in 2011.

Museum director Per Norseng said last week that the museum would have to close because of a budget crisis. He has sharply criticized a lack of state and city support for the museum, which is charged with taking care of Norway’s maritime heritage.

The emergency aid from Sveaas and the city won’t solve the museum’s long-term budget challenges. Norseng said closure still looms in 2012 unless more state support is forthcoming.

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