Chlorine spill fouls river

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The river running through Oslo from the hills to the fjord, Akerselva, was polluted last week by a chlorine leak from, ironically enough, one of the city’s main water treatment facilities at the southern end of the lake known as Maridalsvannet.

Officials traced the leak to a chlorine hose at the Oset water plant, and called it “serious.” An estimated 6,000 liters of chlorine spilled into the river, resulting in the discovery of dead fish in the river that in recent years has been cleaned up after decades of pollution from industry set up along Akerselva that stemmed from the 1800s.

“We have found a lot of dead fish, but are prepared to do what’s necessary to restore life in the river,” Per Kristiansen of the city water agency (Vann- og avløpsetaten) told website

Investigations and restoration plans were due to begin on Monday.

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