Storm of claims after wind damage

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Unusually strong winds last week have stirred up a storm of accident claims into Norwegian insurance offices this week. The wind even blew off part of the roof at a school in Drammen, while most of the damage was caused by falling trees.

Boats also were ripped from their moorings and tens of thousand of households lost electricity Friday afternoon, mostly because trees fell over power lines and pulled them down. The roof at the Killingrud Junior High School was damaged, as was the roof of a fire station in the same county of Buskerud.

Police in Søndre Buskerud reported that signs and other objects also caused damage after being uprooted by the wind that swept over much of southern Norway under bright blue skies.

Insurance companies confirmed to Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) that “very many” claims were being filed, and the damage could become expensive. There were no reports, however, of personal injuries.

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