Grandmothers pressuring Statoil

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A diverse coalition of 24 political groups ranging from Greenpeace to Grandparents Climate Action of Norway has demanded that Norway’s government and parliament force Statoil to pull out of a controversial oil sands venture in Canada. This week Terje Aasland (left), chairman of the business and trade committee in the Norwegian parliament (Storting), was handed a declaration from the 24, represented by green grandmothers Mette Newth (center) and Bente Bakke (right). Those who have signed the declaration reckon that oil sand exploration is bad not only for the environment, but also for Statoil and Norway’s reputation and credibility in efforts for a cleaner world. The fact that the government owns 67 per cent of Statoil’s shares makes all Norwegian citizens co-responsible for what they consider a dirty oil sand project, they said. They’re also running an anti-oil-sands ad campaign in Norwegian newspapers this week. PHOTO: Views and News